Rockstar Energy Drink


Rockstar Energy Drink is one of the most popular energy drinks world wide. They were among the first makers to offer a large 16oz. can.

Rockstar, Inc. USA Corporate Offices

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  1. Hi my Jason Douglas and I’m longtime fan of your energy drink . Anyway yesterday when i was leaving from work I purchase original ROCKSTAR energy drink from the vending machine at my job and when I drank it tasted weird but i didn’t pay it no mind cuz like that bitter taste anyway later on I felt numb and tingly that never happened .so my question is can u fixed it?? If you need pictures of the can and vending machine company information i have both thanks again Jason Douglas

  2. I am writing to say that I am a bit disappointed with your tropical guava drink as I have found twice now something disgusting in the bottom of my cans. I have no idea what it was but it was brown and hard and it made me sick. I love these drinks and drink them often but I’m not sure if I will ever drink them again. Very disappointed

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