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1-888-764-3771 press 0 at each prompt.


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11/21/2017 Rogers Cable (Canada) - I would like to thanks Shamee for his dedication
I would like to thanks Shamee for his dedication and great knowledge with his work that he did for us. After three unsuccessful attempts by other technicians he finally found the salutations for our cable tv and Internet problems. We gave up of having cable in our two bedrooms but Shamee was ready to go and find the problem in every apartment in our building. he worked hard and was patient to concur any obstacle on his way and finally he fixed all the problems we had with our rogers product. Keep up the good work Shamee and please share your knowledge with other technicians.

Sepideh Read More
7/17/2017 Rogers Cable (Canada) - For the last number of years every major soccer
For the last number of years every major soccer tournament has been televised on rogers cable sport channels. Now, this time, women euro 2017 is not being shown. This was an opportunity not just for everybody to see the games but mostly for the young boys and GIRLS(who are on vacation) to watch their superstars in action .MISSED OPPORTUNITY ROGERS!!

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8/7/2016 Rogers Cable (Canada) - Does someone want to explain why I am looking at
Does someone want to explain why I am looking at an Amber alert that has been cancelled. I can't even read the important details in the message. I cannot get my remote to exit the message or change the channel. I'm paying for this!!!
Between that and the reboot every night.

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11/8/2013 Rogers Cable (Canada) - I have not heard or read anything from anyone that
I have not heard or read anything from anyone that has anything positive to say about dealings with Rogers. My own experience has not been good and I would rate dealing with Rogers as a 1 on a scale of 10. Overall poor service and when you finaly are able to reach someone at rogers the response is unacceptable .
don't know what else to say but expect poor service and response when you have prblems if you use rogers as a service provider

j fielker

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11/8/2013 Rogers Cable (Canada) - rogers service is nothing but poor. I don't know
rogers service is nothing but poor. I don't know how they can call themselves a service provider because they don't provide any service other than to take your money. I have't run into anyone that deals with Rogers that can say they are happy with them as a service provider. I for one got sucked in for thier cable,internet and cell service as a bundle package was a good deal, shame on me. service sucks''''
All I can say is. if you are looking for a service provider be careful dealing with Rogers and take a good look at alternatives ,, Rogers will screw you and try to make you like it ,

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10/29/2013 Rogers Cable (Canada) - Vaughn is his name, Absolutely Rude! Needs
Vaughn is his name, Absolutely Rude! Needs training to deal properly with customers before accusing them!

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6/29/2013 Rogers Cable (Canada) - Dealing with Rogers' customer service can be
Dealing with Rogers' customer service can be really useless when the person you are talking to doesn't even know how to give you the numbers for Rogers, he couldn't find it. All he new was 1-800-ROGERS. All he had to do was look at his alphabet on the telephone dial. Perhaps he needs more training or a new job.

I have dealt with many knowledgeable people at Rogers but would have to go through three or so others to get my questions answered.

Looking for information on their web site is a waste of time, you never can find the answers you need. I agree with comment from Jean (on here) why should we have to take back a cable receiver that Rogers installed? Are they not capable of picking it up when there is not a a Rogers location in your town?

Gail Read More
5/25/2013 Rogers Cable (Canada) - I have placed a very large comment on FACEBOOK,
I have placed a very large comment on FACEBOOK, about the type of work that your contractors did to two properties in Barrie Ontario. It will be very damaging to your reputation. When your sub contractors damage someones property, leave a mess around, then try to cover it up. I am not happy!! Then after several phone calls they come and try to plant grass seed over gravel that they had dug up, do not even level the ground up and remove the rocks. What type of customr relations dose this cause?? Like I said at the start, my report on facebook is not very nice!! Your company dose not even have to manners to return calls like the people who I talkied to0 promised to have someone call within three buisness days. VERY POOR BUISNESS PRACTICE. I AM EVEN THINKING OF HAVING YOUR CABLE TAKEN OUT AND PLACING A BIG SIGN IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE ADVERTISING YOUR TARDINESS.

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11/4/2011 Rogers Cable (Canada) - This company is a LIE. I received a bill worth 380
This company is a LIE. I received a bill worth 380 I called them and ask how did it happen when I have a flexible rate using the internet stick. They said that they notify me true email that I am over using it, when I ask them to explain why I did not received any notification from them but I received my billing in the same email address, they said to check my junk mails. They even said that the flexible rate applies only up to 5gig of use. I said I understand that using skype will take a lot of usage but if they actually notify me I will ask my sister to stop using it. Still they dont want to adjust my bill and want me to change my plan. Seriously, who wants to be with Rogers after what happened. I ended canceling my contract.

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10/27/2011 Rogers Cable (Canada) - good dayi,m having a difficult time getting audio
good day
i,m having a difficult time getting audio but, on d.v.d. player, no problem

can you send a technician to help or at least a brochure of some kind

harold[harry] Read More
10/27/2011 Rogers Cable (Canada) - I returned a cable receiver to Rogers today. I had
I returned a cable receiver to Rogers today. I had to take it to a Rogers Plus Store because that's the only way Rogers permits equipment returns. They wanted it back before the end of the week and I work during the week, so my time to make the return was brief due to my need to be back at work on time. It's small stuff, but it matters.

Now, this is my second equipment return in one week because there were two different end dates for service, one for internet service and later another date for my phone service, because the number was ported to another company.

The first return was on Saturday, and I expected that the store might be busy then. It was my day off, so I was prepared to wait, and even overlooked the fact that although there was only one customer was being served when I entered, the only two visible Rogers employees were both with that customer for at least 10 minutes. But I waited and waited and eventually was served after about 20 minutes of waiting.

Today was a different day. I had little time, arriving at the store after running into bad traffic getting to Conestoga Mall in Waterloo with about 15 minutes to spare. I soon realized that there were two customers already deeply involved in 2 conversations with 2 employees, and a third guy was kind of leaning against the wall at the back. A third employee then appeared and asked to help the next customer. I knew that I may not be the next customer, but I also realized that if I did not request quick processing of my equipment return, that I could be quite possibly waiting a lot longer than the 3 minutes it would take to return my box. To be honest, I have let other customers go ahead of me if they needed to do something quickly while I knew that I would need more time for my customer service. I am not pushy by nature, but with Rogers, one learns to be a little bit assertive. I felt badly for the guy who was behind me, but it was just a 3 minute wait for him, and I needed to get to work on time or come back another day, from another city.

And of course we are talking about Rogers, so poor service doesn't really surprise me. A sensible company would create at least one desk for quick returns so that the people making quick returns or paying bills quickly or whatever don't have to wait 20-40 minutes behind each customer who wants to negotiate a sale or commit to exploring another long transactional process. Not Rogers.

A thoughtful sales person might also show a little kindness and might say, "You mentioned an equipment return. That only takes a minute. I think I can probably take you first. Sorry sir, this will only take a minute. [or 'Do you mind sir? This will just be a minute]".

But no, everyone has to leave the store feeling bad because it's a Rogers store.

I could have felt bad because I was served or denied service for some reason after waiting forever. Those things have happened to me several times in Rogers stores. But instead I was made to feel horribly nasty bad for jumping the queue. OK, mea culpa. No one will ever know it's not like me to do anything so brazen as put myself forward in that manner because at Rogers no one takes the time to show concern or get to know, even in a few seconds, that their customers are actually human.

Pursuing customer satisfaction really has never been a goal at Rogers. That scoop comes from the inside of the company. In the past I have also felt bad because I had to talk to a long string of people on the phone at Rogers to try to change a contract, and then had to do it all again, spending more than an hour again, just a few days later. I have felt bad because everyone is assigned a special Rogers credit rating, and mine wasn't up to Rogers par because I moved to a special Rogerless area a few months before my contract was up.

Really, Rogers is only too happy to make you feel like a louse for almost any reason.
As Ellen Roseman said last year,"Too many frustrated Canadians go to bed angry at Rogers". This is one company that should really just say from the get-go to every customer who walks in their door: Welcome. You can can look forward to receiving gratuitous quantities of bad customer service from us.

It's my last day of poor customer service from Rogers in my life time, so it's still a really, really good day!

Have you considered how appropriate the colour red is for Rogers? It probably represents HELLFIRE. It sure is torture dealing with them, and though I have been with Rogers for almost 5 consecutive years, looking at both wireless and home phone and internet, at various times, the last 2 years have been excruciatingly painful. To those who are still committed to this company with thoughtless, arrogant and painful customer service practices, my heart goes out to you!!! Do yourself a favour and go to another company where they know how to treat people with respect.

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5/24/2011 Rogers Cable (Canada) - im in europe and i need to unlock my blackberry
im in europe and i need to unlock my blackberry 9700 what is the mep code to unlock it please help

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