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  1. I bought 2 months of doing and received a roku express. It wants a new account. I already have one and already paid $50.00 for two months which came out of my bank. I tried calling why it would not let me finish and forgien person told me that I have to pay $100.00. I do not believe this. And can not get through a a real person. This why I left Directv. PLEASe CALL me tonight. You may talk to my husband also. I am very frustrated and ready to let everyone.

    1. Lynda

      I suggest you call your credit card company and dispute the $100 charge. Ask the credit card company to call 1-800-875-6196 and explain that you are not interested in their tech support and that you want your monies back.

      I had the same problem and got my monies back with the help of my credit help of my credit card company.

      I hope this helps you get your monies back!

      Good luck.

  2. Having problem with ROKU accepting my 5-letter code…tried calling the number indicated (a JOKE!). There IS a number for problems you’re having, and they are glad to help..FOR $20!! Thanks ROKU!!!

  3. Customer service support is a joke! I have tried to get thru on Online chat. It doesn’t work. I was only able to leave my info for someone to call me in 24 hours. Needless to say, no one called! I called 4 days ago and spoke with someone who only took my info and said someone would contact me in 24-48 hours. STILL WAITING! We were able to watch one movie since purchasing the Roku stick. Now the movie plays for 30 seconds, stops and retrieves constantly. I purchased this less than a month ago and plan to return it just for the simple fact I’ve received such unsatisfactory customer service,

  4. Customer Service is None!!; Where are they located at?? And why only One man with strong accent keep answering?? And why the Only help he offered, was to let him control my computer, from God knows where.. Come Guys do better.. Only 4 months of entertainment!!!

  5. I got my roku stick for 39$ at Best Buy ( ranbow and 215 Las Vegas ) less than 4 months ago. Now I am no longer able to use the remote control at all. The salesman at Best Buy said that was the reason why He does not like the new version of Roku 3500R at all… I called Randy at Roku support and he blamed it’s my wifi that created the problem ??? So why my old version of Roku stick is still running with the same wifi network? He asked me to pay 70 $ for online help for the 39$ new Roku I got less than 4 months ago???

    Thanks for Roku great support but I rather buy other brands from now on.

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