6 Replies to “RoundPoint Mortgage”

  1. I have sent you my payoff form 4 times without an answer. Your CEO Kevin Brungardt , BBB, and the State attorney general will be my next contacts.

  2. Have been trying for two weeks to get a phone number to talk to a real person. Have even e=mailed requesting a return call. Have had NO response!!!! How can you say you have customer service when you don’t respond?

  3. I have called four times to receive a payoff letter. They were paid IN FULL for 60 days. Agents have promised it and still no letter. This does not seem legal, ethical or fair.

  4. talked to a person who I couldn’t understand and had no idea what she was talking about (borderline humorous) and had nobody to put on the phone to answer my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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