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  1. My Runescape account was recently blocked due to caution of faulty user. I promise you that this is my account. I am freaking out because I do not want to lose the hard work that I have put into this game. I made this account 10+ years ago and I seriously don’t want to lose all the time, effort, and dedication that I have put into this game. My account name is Wormman555 when created, and my name now I guess is Dalton9265. I love Runescape and would lose so much respect for Jagex for taking something that is mine and that I have worked so hard on. My account has never had a membership until just recently. I always wanted to be a member, but could never afford it when I was younger. I used to play with my friends growing up on this same account. All of them haven’t been active for some time, but now I am. I have came back to Runescape because of all the upgrades that have been made to the game. I even joined a clan where my clan leader helps me out with expenses. When I played years ago there weren’t bonds or clans from what I can remember. Please Runescape don’t take my account from me. I have worked too hard to get to where I am now.

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