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SafeLink Wireless is making the vision of universal access to telecommunications services for all Americans a reality. As of October 2009, SafeLink has over 2 million customers and is available in 19 states – Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin – and the District of Columbia. Today, there are over 1,700 companies in the United States currently providing discounted telephone service. But, thanks to its extensive outreach promoting SafeLink, TracFone Wireless is one of the largest providers of Lifeline services in the United States, second only to AT&T.

Safelink’s free government mobile phone competitors include Assurance Wireless, Truconnect, Life Wireless and QLink Wireless.

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  1. I didn’t get my minutes for December, 2018. Can’t use phone at all, what is going on? HELP PLEASE!!!!

  2. I just receive my phone on May 14, 2018 and activated it late that night. I used it a little to read news articles and e-mails and some Facebook only for two or three days then could only use the phone for one day and then not at all.

    I have called Safelink three times and was told that I would have 350 minutes and unlimited talk and text. I have never texted anyone only used the phone a few times. I can hardly understand the woman at Safelink. She took all my personal information again. She keeps telling me that I have run out of Data, but I know that is not so. I have a smart phone and have bused 1 GB of data in a week, much less in 3 days.

  3. I Have been rerquesting service for a year and a half and have not received its benefits. Imeet all of the requirements and hace fax or mailed them. What is the problem?

  4. yea i asked for a phone and all u gave me was the sim card with no phone to put the card unto

  5. This is a joke i have called to get my min’s and it the same thing over and over i called and talked to someone last week and said it was all taken care of BS all they did was take my min’s off my phone and those toll free numbers are not free….

  6. I lost my phone service for at least 5 different reasons that what they told me everytime I called. East person I talked to gave me a different reason why I lost my phone. I finally told them to shove their phone. cant understand them when they talk anyway. I think its a scam to get peoples info. I asked them where they were from and they wouldnt tell me. Had my phone for at least 10 years and now they say I cant have it.

    1. basically done the same to me, after staying on hold for 2 weeks and trying new sim card, just got tired of being switched to higher office and no one ever answered. Literally on phone 2/3 hours everyday and new phone never worked.

  7. I have sent my qualification at ion paper and have not heard a thing from you. You took the phone down on false claims to begin with, I had mad phone calls in that month and there was no lapse in my snap.

  8. I have been a SafeLink client for a few years niw,and they have become idiots.I’ve been trying to recertify my service for 2018 since December 2017.I have called over 12 times,received,filled out and mailed 4 forms to SafeLnk,and,mailed 3 copies of income to SafeLink-as requested,and,the morons still don’t get it.They have also lied to me several times over the phone,and,I am in danger of loosing my cell phone service with SafeLink,because SafeLink is stupid and incompetent

  9. applied for free government phone several months ago sent income verification found info that proof was rejected wanted proof from state of ma where i live problem i get federal ssi been unable to get through starting to believe this is some type of scam when i called listed phone number many many times i get a huge runaround


  11. I have had the tracphone four and I am being told that they are working on the problem but nothing I have called several different numbers and getting no results. What is the next step. Their service is only available from 8a to 12p. what to do? Gloria Magee

    I cant make a call The phone is fully charged. Now what.

  12. I fell for the text msg myself, but I thought it was something to be done so that I could keep my phone service going. Then when the man came on talking about how they would need $65, I realized that it was some kind of scam. I sent a text msg to the # of the person that signed her name and wrote her # on a card that came with the phone. Next I will be getting ahold of the governors office about this company.

  13. Well I was refused a phone 3yrs ago cause the fella who lived here before me kept this address. So, landlord penned a letter and I sent my I.D. I do however keep getting his reactivation letters. I found him. Asked him to clear this up. Then he threatened me. I tried calling (what a joke) to report the fraud. On the internet you actually end up on fraud reporting sites. NOT even Safe Link. So i mailed customer service. No response. So, folks can scam you so easy yet i really do qualify and need a phone. Good Job. Another govt service that can not be relied on!

  14. I have been trying to get help from tech support to no avail. My phone initially had to be recharged after a few hours and then eventually died completely each time I call the recording tells me they are processing my phone so make sure it is on, however it can’t be turned on. They then tell you to call back if still problems then hang up. So nothing gets resolved The phone was usable for only a few weeks. Because of the tiny numbers and arthritis and poor vision it is that useful when it was working.

  15. 5/11/2016 got my new phone because they said my old phone was being changed. I did what they said and now both phones are reading unregistered, after it said they would not turn off one phone before tuning on the other. Ok so tried again, some recording gave me code after code to enter into my phone, so now the new phone is activated but didn’t get my minutes?? And can’t get a live person on the line???

  16. 5/11/2016 got my new phone because they said my old phone was being changed. I did what they said and now both phones are reading unregistered, after it said they would not turn off one phone before tuning on the other. Ok so tried again, some recording gave me code after code to enter into my phone, so now the new phone is activated but didn’t get my minutes?? And can’t get a live person on the line???

  17. I cannot find my phone, and calling customer services is worthless. The automated comments tell me they are seNding me a message. I need a replacement phone and I need to talk to a REAL LIVE PERSON.

  18. I got a new phone and no red card SIM number,I spoke to a man for an hour and 20 minutes,he said after he could not switch my minutes from my old phone,he would transfer to his Supervisor,earlier in the call he had told me his supervisor was not there today……… went right back to waiting for yet another customer service rep….I then hung up and spoke with another man who after 30 mins.said he would send me a new SIM number for my new phone and then supposedly I could call and they can give me my minutes??.I certainly hope so,my new phone has a SIM number in the phone?But he said since the phone is activated blah,blah,blah…….on the phone for 2 hours.I can only pray if I get this new number in the mail,I can get this rectified.They were very polite though,except for completely lying about connecting me to a supervisor,they are not very qualified techs..It’s very stressful.

  19. I need to talk to a representative but can not get through to anyone on phone 1-800-378-1684. I tried to change to my new phone you sent but it would not make calls and the girl transferred to somewhere else and I waited for 45 minutes and got cut off. I was to give them a ticket #113-617-9445. They turned off my old cell phone and my new one isn’t working. So I AM WITHOUT A PHONE. Can someone please call me at. I would greatly appreciate it.

  20. I went to get a new phone I I had the old for about 10 years .

    I was told my phone was canceled April 2014 .I asked why was it I sill could use it

    I was told because I still had minutes left on it But when I used them up my phone would be turn off.

    I would have reply to get a new phone , So I did an just got the new phone

    But No new minutes .. But when I called to see about it I was told I would have to wait to May to get any I just got Minutes on the first of April 2016

    I asked How did I get them when you stop sending them in 2014

  21. Dear Safelink Customer Service Manager:

    Thank you for your continuous service, but I do not have a battery or power cord for my cell phone. Please do not stop my service, due to my cell phone not being on. Please ship my battery and power cord to (motherh, Senior Suites; right away!! Please do not give my battery and power cord to anybody else but me or my mother at this address. I sometimes have to use my cell phone for police reports; and college “Criminal Justice” student work (sensitive matters). Please ship right away to me. Do not give to the office at this location.

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