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In the summer of 2000, Saks Fifth Avenue launched, offering an enhanced, personalized, online shopping experience. You may shop at in many ways: by a distinct look, a specific designer or an individual item. is committed to providing the same legendary service and style found in all Saks Fifth Avenue stores.

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  1. “Yes My name is Larry McCollum if this is Saks #689 someone has stolen my number and has charge $197.00 from your store to my bank account. This was a online transaction. I did not authorized this transaction. I was wondering if you could help me solve this problem. I talked to a person on the chat she said she would report it for me. I just wanted to cover all bases.

    Please contact me at. I just hope one day this can be prevented. People shouldn’t have to hire some out side protection service so that they might feel safe from people who steal other people hard earn money. What ever happen to the Ten Commandments I shalt not steal. People just don’t fear the almighty God our Father.”

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