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  1. I purchased 4 of the Xtreme wear Hard as Nails collection nail polishes a few moths ago. Now, they are gunky and unusable.

  2. I have been buying Sally Hanson nail products for a very long time but have never been so displeased with Sally Hanson nail products like I am now.I have bought nail color and the Sally Hanson hard as nails. I put two coats on and let it dry really well. It chips every time. I am to the point that I will never buy another Sally Hanson product ever again. T

  3. I purchased the salon gel polish (not the strips) and am completely frustrated. I purchased the kit with “shell we dance” and the color turned from pale pink to green in a few days. So, I thought I would try the wine color. I have tried this “gel” manicure four times, and my nail polish has completely peeled off within hours every time (and I have very carefully followed the directions.) It is worse than the $2 nail polish as it ruins your nails, and I am $75 into this awful product that I can’t return because I have opened it. I do not recommend.

  4. Three of us went to your store in West Roxbury Ma at 455pm and upon getting there the girl locked the door we said store hours are til 6 4 other people were sitting in their cars now that is rude and unprofessional. Internet says 6 sgn on door and the girl left when her ride came we all sat in parking lot trying to reach someone in corporate office.

  5. Fingernail clipper broke. Sent it back and was replaced with, unfortunately, toenail kit. Called and situation was handled in a caring professional manner and I was promised a new fingernail clipper would be sent out today. Hope they send the right item this time.

  6. To whom it may concern, I have bought 2 bottles of Sally Hanson No Chip Polish. One for myself and one for my mother. Within a 24 hour time span the Polish looks like its been on for weeks. I am very disappointed with this ,as is my senior mother. We spent at leas 6$ per bottle. My mother feels that You should be notified about this as she’s used Sally brand for years, that you will somehow rectify this situation. Just so you know we are applying the no chip over a top of the line Polish. I felt it would be better to not use the no chip.. the Polish would possibly last longer. Thank you, in advance, for your attention to this matter.

  7. I bought the whole body waxing kit and I HATE IT! It’s horrible like a sticky gum that’s runny and impossible to remove. I been putting baby oil all over for about two hours and still can’t get it off. Wasted my money. Plus it’s so messy it dripped on my floor, and now I dunno how to remove it!! What if one of my kids steps or crawls on it and I can’t get it off!! If I could I’d give zero stars!

  8. i AM MORTIFIED. i WENT TO Sally HANSEN’S STORE #2918 LOCATED AT 3654 SOLDANO BLVD to buy my lil girl some semi-permanent hair die a couple different colors & hav never done it before so I know I needed more gear then the dye alone. This clerk “Amanda” falsely accused me of stealing even though I alreay made quite a purchase & followed me everywhere in the store & wouldn’t even let me browse. After making my purchase I realized I would need a brush, cap & maybe some other things so I told the cashier I was going to get more items & she was fine with it. this “Amanda” and her boyfriend she had their with her in the store started cussing me & threatening me with violence. They both followed me out of the store like they were gonna do something so of course I had to get bad right back with them & then from the looks of it I take it they got the picture cuz Im the wrong chick 4real but that aint even the point. What kinda store allows their employees to falsely accuse, slander, & defamation of character, & threaten violence on their customers??? I called & their rep promised a call back of which I NEVER GOT- SO BET IMA MAKE SURE I LET THIS OUT EVERYWHERE LIE THE NEWS & ALL CUZ THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS- COULDN’T EVEN MK A PHONE CALL AFTER BEING VILATED LIKE THAT IN YR STORE BY YR EMPLYE?? WHAT R U TEACHING YR EMPLOYEES???

  9. Bought miracle gel polish.Thought it would be good since I have a hectic travel schedule but want nice nails.

    TERRIBLE product. Looked great the night applied. By mid day of day 1 wearing it, 7 nails had huge chipped sections. So embarrassing during my customer facing events and sales.

    Wish now that I had brought the polish remover product with me.

    Didn’t because thought a 4 day period would not have this issue….at least not on day. Can’t wait to hide my hands at corporate meeting next two days

  10. Miracle gel Hunger Flames brush is defective. I threw away the first bottle when the brush started coming apart. I love the color so I purchased a second bottle. Today is the second time I am using it and the brush is coming apart in this one also. I have 10 other colors of the gel polish and haven’t had this problem. In general, the brushes are poorly shaped so you have to look at every bottle until you find a decent one, but falling apart is unacceptable.

  11. I am so disappointed in your Miracle Gel nail polish system.I have used it twice and on both occasions it has chipped badly the next day. I am not a teenager who does not know how to apply and let dry between coats.I am a veteran nail polish user. This stuff is uselss.

  12. I purchased your Mega Shine Topcoat from Boots in Eastbourne, United Kingdom today. The product is completely useless, after following instructions and only using with Sally Hansen nail polish I found it to take in excess of 5 minutes to dry and now several hours later it is already chipped! It is a waste of money and the claim on the box that your polish will remain salon Professional and chip resistant for up to 10 days is utter rubbish

  13. Dear

    Whom may concern

    I love the Sugar Coat polishes. Are you bringing them back. I’ve been buying them from the Pound Shop.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks,


  14. I purchased miracle gel nail polish and it is absolutely horrible! It’s so thick it does not dry, and definitely is nothing close to the gel manicure it supposed to be.

    I will never buy a Sally Hansen product

  15. I purchased a pack of Salon Nail Reffects (nail stickers), when I opened the package the nail strips had no designs on them. I contacted Sally at

    800-953-5058 and they sent me a coupon for a free item from any of the retailers that sell Sally Products.

    Growing up I looked forward to visiting my grandma and borrowing her Sally Nail Polishes since I could only afford Wet n Wild. Today I find almost any nail sticker from the .99 cent will last longer then the $10 Sally Nail Effects. The only reason I still buy Sally nail Effects, is the designs are much better then the cheaper brands.

  16. I bought miracle gel #210 Pretty Piggy and the Gel Top Coat, I put it on 2 days ago and it had already chipped yesterday. It was not a smooth color,ti had dents in color even though I put it on correctly. Want to know what is causing this. It does not call for a base coat, but should you use a base coat anyway? Helen, from Florida

  17. I recently bought the Sally Hansen acrylic no chip tip coat to do my nails for my holiday – it was awful! Within a day or two of application all my nail polish had cracked and chipped off. It looked awful so spent the rest of my holiday with no nail polish on as I had to remove it it looked so bad. Do not recommend – I fell totally ripped off!

  18. I am tired of buying your polish only to get poor results. I bought Set Sail Instant-drill last week and put it on last night. It was thick and lumpy and disgusting. The color stained the skin around my nails when I took it off tonight so I have on clear polish rimmed with blue. Gross

  19. HELP!!!! I am trying to contact someone about Sally Hansen Insta Dri .31Fl oz 170 Expresso. Bar Code:74170-34039 Would someone with Sally Hansen please contact me.

  20. I have been using sally Hansen salon effects for years. Love this product. fits my nails perfectly. I have one issue with this product, otherwise I would have given 5 stars. THE COLORS…UGH. Please make these nail strips in solid colors. You produce so many lovely shades of nail polish, but when it comes to the salon effects, there is not much to choose from and most choices look garish or to “kiddie” looking. Please make this strips in some good colors. PS…do not contact thru email…forgot password and trying to “get it back.”

  21. I am so disappointed in your Miracle Gel nail polish system.I have used it twice and on both occasions it has chipped badly the next day. I am not a teenager who does not know how to apply and let dry between coats.I am a veteran nail polish user. This stuff is uselss.






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