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  1. I have generally been pleased with SH products until I tried the Miracle Gel Step 1 polish in the “SwimUpstream” blue shade #656. When I removed the polish – my nails are still blue a week later!!! My hands look like they belong on a dead person. This product should be taken off the market. At the very least I would expect a full refund.

  2. I am very disappointed! I purchased Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails. A waste of money. I applied two coats,then found it peeling less than two hours later! I made the purchase due to breaking nails, your product was recommended by several people. I won’t be recommending your products.

  3. Do not buy this nail polish. I bought one and it would not dry at all, so I called, I got two coupons sent to me, I tried the insta dry nail polish. Not only did it not dry but when I tried to take the rest of it off ( it smudged on my clothes) I couldnt get it all off. I called and was given instructions to “soak your fingers in nail polish remover for at least an hour that should take it off, Then I was told ” oh use toothpaste with a whitener in it (go out and buy MORE stuff) and that should fix it…nope…Ive scrubbed to the point where I have SORES on on my cuticles..and what does Sally Hansen say. OH we are so sorry we will send you out MORE coupons. LOL Like Id buy ANYMORE of their stuff. I demanded my money back and they said “well you have to do our survey first and send back the product before we will reimburse you. Like Im going to give you something thats faulty BACK without compensation? HA HA HA not on your life. SO I demanded compensation and now Im getting the run around…DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  4. My customer service rep was wonderful, professional,pleasant and is researching my request which I think is way above what other companies do for their customers!!!! I’m very impressed with service I have received, kudos to her and you for hiring her????My rating was for 5 stars so I think I did not do it correctly. TY

  5. you advertise that your products are sold at Wal-Mart but not at the Wal- mart at Pittsburg, Kansas or at the Wal-Mart at Webb City Missouri. I always wear the diamond strength clear for work because it stays on so well but can no longer find it at either store which is close to where I live. I really don’t have time to go searching for it. Can you tell me why it is no longer on the shelves at these stores.

  6. Dear Sally Hansen, I first of all would like to say that I do not appreciate you testing your stupid products on poor little rabbits eyes. Animal testing is hurting gods creatures and you are putting satans tears into their precious little eyes. 2nd of all, I recently bought your waxing strips. They have caused me and my family trouble. I used them this morning to get rid of some peach fuzz on my upper lip & honey let me tell you, THAT crap HURT. The box clearly states, “pain relief wax strips” when certainly it isn’t pain relief at all. If anything it is like satan is breathing fire on my delicate face. I did this process at 9:00 am. It is now 8:00 pm & my face still looks like a baboons butt. It’s burning so bad and I have a trip tomorrow. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY CUTE GUYS THERE IS GOING TO BE ON THAT TRIP?!!!! WELL A LOT MISS SALLY, & now I look like a red tomato because of your animal unfriendly Satan strips. Not to mention the strips didn’t even accomplish taking off that peach fuzz I had. So once again your products are a disgrace to this world & I hope you reconsider your animal testing ways. Thank you for your time honey now goodbye my face is killing me so I have to put Neosexpicit photos. (An actual product that works) xoxo, the red tomato face.

  7. I am normally a huge fan of all sadly Hansen products, and purchase at least 3 items a month. However, I recently purchased a Sally Hansen no more mistakes and manicure clean up pen. PC code 7417 02886 5 from my local Rite Aid Smoky Hill and Piccadilly Inn Aurora Colorado however I have the back of the packaging it however not the receipt but it should be on file with my local Rite Aid since I’m a gold member there they may be able to pull up my records using my home phone number. my problem with this product is that it simply does not work it does not work on the skin it does not work to try to create nail art, it just simply does not work at all I would like to return this product to receive my money back or even a trade for perhaps one of my favorite products , which is Sally Hansen french tip pen.Bob Sally Hansen french tip 10 is truly a wonderful product and most of Sally Hansen products have been truly my favorite and wonderful I love the nail polish I love the speed drawing topcoat both the gel and the oil as well as all of the fabulous now colors that Sally Hansen provides and all of the nail strengthening products.again I am a huge Sally Hansen band and as I said I purchase at least 3 items among a Sally Hansen products but I need to know how I can possibly get my money back or if I could just possibly get a trade-in I might be more than happy to send this back with the backing of the product however I do not have the receipt so I’m hoping that’s not a problem. if you could please contact me via email via phone call are simply email me out instructions on how to send the product back to you or let me know if I should return the product to Rite Aid I would really appreciate your immediate attention since I am in need of some Sally Hansen products soon so I just would like to know how to proceed in order to try to get my money back for this product that just simply does not work for me.

    thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.

    thank you so very much for your time,

    tracy Rogers

  8. I sent an email 4 days ago complaining about you nail strengtheners that are supposed to help your nails. I have tried numerous bottles and have followed the directions but have NOT HAD ANY GOOD RESULTS you claim will happen if used properly. I use the various kits, take 3000 UI of Vitamin D, wear gloves when gardening and doing housework and my nails continue to split. I have spent about $30.00 dollars and have no help. Is there one specific item that will help me?

  9. I am searching for the nail color “Cafe au Lait” No 220 in the

    complete salon manicure. Cant find it anywhere. Have you

    discontinued it, Please bring it back. It is such a good color.

  10. I have been buying Sally Hansen hard as nail products. The . Last bottle I bought it was not a good product. IT wore off in two days. I will never ever buy Sally Hanson products again. Also your costomer service sucks. You could at least get back to people.

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