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  1. our family was gifted an apple pie distributed by your company. we would like to inform you that we find TOO sweet. maybe the manufacturer can make some modification to make it less so.

  2. I am writing this to register a formal complaint against Sam’s Club Automotive Servicing located at the Bartlett Club (#6260; 8480 Highway 64, Bartlett, TN 38133).

    We took our car to this club on Saturday, Jan 10, to replace a tire. I distinctly remember using the remote control to lock the car doors and activate the car alarm as I walked into the Sam’s Club to make this purchase. However, when we returned to our car after the tire had been replaced, our remote control no longer remotely controlled the door locks as before. That is, specifically, something happened when YOUR EMPLOYEE took possession of my car to replace the tire that rendered the remote control of the door lock NO LONGER OPERATIONAL. That is, the Bartlett Sam’s Club automotive technician SOMEHOW BROKE OUR CAR ALARM SYSTEM! I do not know how he broke this system, but I do know that it WAS working before I entered your store, and that it WAS NOT working when I picked up my car afterwards.

    I returned the next day (Sunday, Jan 11) to report this damage to our car to a Club Assistant Manager named Brian, and all he could tell me was that I had to return on Monday, JAN 12, to talk to the employee and potentially file a claim. He was COMPLETELY UNHELPFUL.

    My wife returned on Monday, Jan 12, as instructed, and spoke to another Assistant Manager named Cassius Mosley as well as to the automotive technician named Floyd who worked on our car two days before. All they could do was DENY ANY AND ALL RESPONSIBILITY for the damage done to our car alarm system. As that point, my wife filed a damages claim with Mr. Mosley. These Sam’s employees were COMPLETELY UNHELPFUL.

    We subsequently received a telephone call on Thursday, Jan 15, from a person named Bryce from Sam’s Consumer Complaint Agency who had the utter gall to tell my wife that, since we did not see the automotive technician damage our car alarm system nor could we prove that he damaged our car alarm system, that Sam’s Club was not in any way responsible for the damages to our car alarm system.

    Really? I PERSONALLY used the remote to lock the car doors and activate the alarm. I PERSONALLY tried to unlock the car doors with the remote control and was UNSUCCESSFUL. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT OUR CAR ALARM SYSTEM WAS OPERATIONAL BEFORE I GAVE MY KEYS TO THE SAM’S AUTOMOTIVE STAFF AND I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT IT NO LONGER WORKS!

    This level of service is absolutely abysmal and I am thoroughly disgusted with Sam’s Club! As of now, we will NEVER use the Bartlett Sam’s Club again. Moreover, we are seriously considering allowing our Sam’s membership to lapse; why should we do business with and spend our money at a company that is irresponsible? I am not asking for a replacement or something new; all I am asking is that Sam’s Club FIX WHAT THEY BROKE!

    From here, I will be filing a formal complaint against the Bartlett Sam’s Club with the Better Business Bureau. I will also be looking on-line for any consumer blogs related to Sam’s Club to formally post this complaint and let others know of this irresponsible and unprofessional behavior. And, as I mentioned, once our membership period is up, there is a SIGNIFICANT chance we will be taking our business to Costco.

  3. The Owasso Sams club store does not sell packaged prunes. I have called this matter to the attention of several employees. They have called management on this absence of product.—Still no prunes !

  4. sams club employee was pushing me to upgrade to a business plus membership, im sure if you are a member you are asked all the time as if they get a spiff to get you to upgrade. well they told me that if i upgrade while i am purchasing a 1,700 vizio 65″TV that i would get with the upgrade business membership 1 extra year above and beyond the manufacturer warranty. Well to find out after my tv is broke and im in need of a repair that the plus membership DID NOT give me an extra year. You only get an extra year if you buy the extended service plan and then they give you an extra year on top of that. All fine and dandy now that i have wasted 1,700 at samsclub to have a broken TV because of the employee that was pushing me to upgrade to a plus membership then worrying about selling me an extended warranty that i would of purchases on a 1,700 TV. Hell i buy them for a 300.00 electronic why wouldnt i buy it on a 1,700 TV i just dont have that kind of money laying around to replace it. Watch out how sams club sells things. not trained to well.

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