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  1. I am the misfortunate owner of 3 Samsung Kitchen Appliances. I purchased my home in March and the previous owner had equipped the kitchen with Samsung French Door Refrigerator, Dishwasher and gas stove twelve months before. All three were top of the line. I suspect that they liked the black stainless finish which is very attractive.
    Shortly after moving in, I found that the icemaker didn’t work, I called the company from whom they were purchased and paid and obscene amount for a service call. The serviceman advised that the icemaker needed to be replaced and the part alone was $500 plus installation. At that point the unit was 15 months old.
    I contacted Samsung and they said too bad, it was beyond the 12 month warranty. When I mentioned that the icemaker was defective and on service recall, they denied it. They then tried to sell me a repair warranty policy for $269. The only problem was that when I read the policy, it wouldn’t cover my problem because it was a pre existing condition. The dishwasher looks great but does a terrible job on dishes, I have tried different detergents and there is little difference.
    The stove can’t seem to be adjusted properly, the burners are too hot, and the bridge burner for the griddle and grill not hot enough. The warming drawer is useless.
    All in all, Samsung appliances are a terrible investment, and the company doesn’t seem to give a damn.

  2. I have a Sam Sung refrigerator that won’t defrost. I checked the heating element. It’ ok. Advice please .

  3. I have a Sam Sung refrigerator that won’t defrost. I checked the heating element. It’s ok .Advice please

  4. After reading the comments of Yolanda on 2/28, I am convinced she is so dumb she could not find her way out of a phone booth, if she could even find 1 today. She is probably the real cause of most of most of her problems! I have Galaxy S4 mini which I like tremendously. I have dropped it a lot (but I am clumsy) and cracked the cases a bit but it keeps on working and gives me great service. Keep up the good service and support!!

  5. Melinda – today is Sept 24 – did u ever hear back from Samsung? If not, did you try contacting a local dealer such as Best Buy? I ordered a t,v. on Sept. 17 and am still waiting to hear from them on when it will be delivered. Your post has me concerned though!

  6. I bought a Samsung front loader washer and dryer 31/2 years ago. I also had the three year warranty and it just ran out. My washer broke and they said it would cost 843.00 to fix it. I had plenty of washers over the years that lasted one was a maytag for 20 years and a whirlpool for 18 years. I am so frustrated I don’t mind paying 400.00 but 800.00 I will be sure to let everyone know on facebook twitter and anywhere else I can post not to buy a Samsung washer if you don’t print this comment it does not matter because I will make sure everyone I know not to buy this product. Shame on you for selling something you don’t know anything about I am not the only one that has a complaint about the washer one the mother board went I didn’t even mind that but 843.00.

  7. In Mexico, just bought Samsung LED series 5 5100 TV. I am trying to sync cable box to TV, all codes turn off TV but not back light. Is this possible or do I use two remotes cable box and TV? Thank You

  8. i have samsung note 2 N7100 and arabic language is already installed but i can not switch my keyboard between arabic and english(us) and i already choose both languages my android ver is 4.4.2

  9. At nite. It has become very unpleasant I have a 60 plasma Samsung and it also started with a few small white dots. Now it looks like the universe.

  10. after i end read the comments and reviews, i realised that samsung company in Malaysia is definitely a JERK!!!!

    i think most of the people already knew that. when we as a buyer, they will promised u everything, then after,,,,,every of the complain they will denied n neglected.

    I bought four samsung air cornS from SenQ in Miri.just within a year, the certain aircorn already trouble me two times with no functioning, and this, it took almost 3 weeks time with just one call n one time technician for a checking, after that, i urged few times from fon call between this two company, and the reply is, ” we are waiting for the spare parts. we do not know when the spare parts will come and we do not know it send from where.”

    such a RUBBISH !!!!! ——- to all the workers who are MAKAN GAJI BUTA , HANYA TAHU GOYANG KAKI saja, wish u ………!!

  11. Purchased a samsung refrigerator that has had many problems. The appliance is only two years old. The door is broken and the paint is coming off the handles. Customer service said all the right things, had me send them a copy of the receipt and the serial number of the appliance. They called me back promptly and kept giving me new ticket numbers to refer to when emailing or contacting them. They had me email the copy of the receipt on two different occasions and to two different email addresses. Final outcome….they did absolutely nothing to remedy the situation. I will never buy another samsung product again. Poor quality and high prices!

  12. I fully agree with your comment about the microwave-I have been talking with a neverending stream of people for three weeks about mine and have had no success getting it repaired even tho they talk a good game on the phone but do not follow thru as promised. I would like to speak to anyone else having these problems and maybe we could unite to get some results.My name is Steve and I can be contacted @ alta4341@yahoo.com or at 251-7519147 this is in Mobile,Al. Please do not call before 9a.m. or after 9 p.m. THANK YOU

  13. I am in need of a manual for my Samsung Gusto cell phone. One did not come with my cell phone. How do I order one?

  14. I do not think I will ever buy another Samsung. I have been trying for three months to get my refrigerator fixed. Samsung keeps sending the wrong part to fix it. I have lost so much food, but Samsung does not seem to care. I tried customer service and was told I had to go through another place to get help. The repair company Samsung said to use has nothing but problems getting the items need and the correct items. They ordered all three possible parts for my frig, NONE of them were the right part. Samsung does not even know what they put in their refrigerators. Model and serial numbers do not help at all.

  15. yestarday i have purchase new samsung RR1915TCARX refrigarator but freeze are not cooling inside.

    Light is on inside

  16. I just purchased a 65inch Samsung curved TV. I called because when watching a 3D movie the TV would start buffering then stop and the movie would start then the buffering would start. I was told it wasn’t the TV but the signal from my cable provider. The guy on the phone was very helpful and my problem was solved. Thanks Samsung

  17. I just bought a Samsung Freeform M phone. I had to exchange the phone 5 times but it still has problems. Samsung keeps sending used phones. When I make a phone call the other party can not hear me.

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