Schlage phone number


Schlage Lock Company Corporate Office Headquarters
Customer Service Department
2119 E Kansas City Rd
Olathe, KS 66061
Warranty Information: 1-888-805-9837
All Other Inquiries: 1-800-847-1864

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11 Replies to “Schlage phone number”

  1. I phoned 888-805-9837 waited 37 minutes with the same concert music playing over and over for what seemed the 200th time. NO RESPONSE from anyone.
    Tried again the same phone number, this time waiting over an hour (65 minutes to be exact)
    AGAIN, SAME CONCERT MUSIC playing over and over for what must have been the thousandth time.
    Does anyone ever answer this phone number?
    I then tried Allegion’s (owner of Schlage) resolution phone number 877-671-7011 with the same thing. It to has the same concert music playing over and over.
    I then tried another Schlage Customer Service phone number 800-847-1864 with AGAIN the SAME THING. SAME MUSIC and NO ONE ANSWERING PHONE.
    I even tried the phone numbers again trying different options hoping by selecting different options that I could get someone on the phone. But AGAIN NO SUCCESS.
    I agree with other comments online about Schlage, that one should NOT purchase Schlage brand name because Schlage does NOT support its customers, let alone any potential customer seeking answers prior to purchasing a Schlage product, by answering its customer service phone lines within any reasonable amount of time, which 30 minutes is more than a sufficient amount of time during working daytime hours.
    It is readily apparent that Allegion and Schlage do NOT give an ounce of care not only to customers, but also potential customers, as it will not even hire offshore customer service centers in countries like the Philippines, where they pay $3.00 an hour employee wages for someone to answer the incoming customer service phone calls.
    Perhaps one needs to notify the board of directors and especially the shareholders. As the shareholders at minimum should be made aware of this as it is costing them in lost revenue from lack of Schlage products being purchased due to poor to horrible customer service from Schlage and Allegion the parent company of Schlage.
    I believe I will make a UTube video for ALL to hear what one gets when phoning Schlage at any of its phone numbers.
    Maybe public embarrassment via the web and social media is what Allegion (owner of Schlage) and its Chairman, CEO & President Mr. David D. Petratis whose total annual compensation is 2.9 Million dollars, need for it to enact change for better service to the public who it is desiring to purchase its products, or have its products serviced.

  2. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE ANY ITEMS FROM SCHLAGE. They have NO customer assistance. I have spent over an hour listening to the worse piano music I have ever listened to all to get a question answered.
    My suggestion, purchase another product this company needs to go out of business and I mean fast.

  3. I have a Schlage front door lock with a handle outside and a thumb lever and the inside has a lever, I took it off when I was painting the door and now I can’t get it to work, I bought it about 19 years ago when I had the house built, could you please send me some instructions on how to install it. the only number I have found on it is F605-238. Thank you

  4. need answer got 3 questions ..try to used your customer care phone number and is been 3 days and I still waiting to be answer by your rep… your customer service service is the worst…..please if you have the time to help a customer please call me…

  5. you have B60CAM716 Aged Bronze Single Cylinder Grade 1 Deadbolt with Decorative Camelot Rose, why not Double Cylinder ????

  6. I currently have schlage lever type handles throughout my house, thanks they are great. On my French doors I am adding blinds and the space between the lever handle and the blinds is too tight. My question is, can I buy new round type handles just for the inside and hook them up to the existing lever type handles on the outside. One of the handles operate the door mechanism and the other is A dummy. The color is nickel, or am I in left field on this.

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