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  1. I have never had a worse delivery service experience…ever. On the day of delivery, I received a phone call giving me a time range of 2:30 – 4:30 for my delivery but no other details. Since I had more than one delivery that day, I asked the caller if they were calling about my Art Van Furniture delivery. He hesitated and said “Yes”. Something about his hesitation made me repeat the time frame and I asked again if he was from Art Van…”yes”, he confirmed. Just before ending his call, he mentioned Sears in his closing! Wait a minute, I said…so you’re NOT from Art Van? You’re from Sears? He again said “Yes”.

    The delivery was a few minutes late, but nothing alarming. One of the gentlemen hooked up my washer, started a wash cycle, had me verify the delivery, and he left. I returned to unpacking my boxes in my new house and returned about 30 minutes later to find my laundry room, basement stairs, and basement flooded! I called SEARS customer service several times, but oddly enough, every time I was transferred to a supervisor or technician, my call was dropped. I started asking them to call me back if the call was dropped and one lady said her notes indicated I would be getting a call within the hour. Never happened.

    The flood was because the delivery person never even installed the hose into the back of the washer. It was dangling loose!

    This was 5 days ago, and I have yet to get a return call for all of the calls I made trying to get help. My boyfriend managed to get my washer and dryer hooked up.

    By the way, the power cord was not delivered with the dryer either. Thanks.

  2. Bought washer and dryer online 7/3 They delivered them without platforms. Thought I was buying bundle. I had to pay additonal $550 for 2 pltfrms, which they delivered 4 days later on the 7th. In the process of installation, when finished, they hook up the gas line to the dryer, but hustled out the door and left without turning on my gas valve. I’m 89, so I can’t pull the machine out to get back there, so I called delivery and asked them to come back and turn it on.
    They said Friday the 13th–maybe!
    It’s now Monday, 7/16 and no word. Am I mad??? You don’t want to know HOW mad!

  3. I paid for a water filter for my kenmore 3 door refrigerator yesterday and Sears didn’t have it in stock. I gave them my change of address from Florida to Texas but noticed on my receipt my address hadn’t been changed. Sales check. 25870222774.

  4. The delivery of my washer/dryer unit was scheduled for Thursday (the next day from my purchase). the delivery confirmed delivery was to be Thurs afternoon. No one came. I called several numbers and finally spoke to someone with a thick accent who said my delivery had been rescheduled for Saturday. No reason was given. This is not satisfactory. I had to call again to schedule at my convenience. NOT HAPPY.

    1. I spent all day yesterday cleaning out my older fridge to be hauled away..bagged up all my good cold food and left them out on a counter, about 200.00 worth, Friday shopping,
      Sears were to be her between 8-12 am, no show, no call, waited another 5 hrs, no show…..

      Food will have to be thrown away…..and I pd. extra for a time slot….

      I’m going to cancel my big, expensive stainless Steele Fridge…..mad as hell!

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