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  1. Ordered refrigerator online during Black Friday sale. Delivery was scheduled for Dec 12th. Received 2 texts and an email confirming delivery between 2:30 and 4:30. One text and email were received December 11th. Refrigerator was never delivered. Called customer service and was told delivery truck broke down and refrigerator can’t be delivered until after Christmas, but I could pick refrigerator up myself if I wish. Seems kind of fishy since I ordered the refrigerator partly because Sears were offering free shipping at the time. Now I am being told I can pick it up myself which is a 2 hour drive to the warehouse. Ridiculous! Never again!

  2. I have never had a worse delivery service experience…ever. On the day of delivery, I received a phone call giving me a time range of 2:30 – 4:30 for my delivery but no other details. Since I had more than one delivery that day, I asked the caller if they were calling about my Art Van Furniture delivery. He hesitated and said “Yes”. Something about his hesitation made me repeat the time frame and I asked again if he was from Art Van…”yes”, he confirmed. Just before ending his call, he mentioned Sears in his closing! Wait a minute, I said…so you’re NOT from Art Van? You’re from Sears? He again said “Yes”.

    The delivery was a few minutes late, but nothing alarming. One of the gentlemen hooked up my washer, started a wash cycle, had me verify the delivery, and he left. I returned to unpacking my boxes in my new house and returned about 30 minutes later to find my laundry room, basement stairs, and basement flooded! I called SEARS customer service several times, but oddly enough, every time I was transferred to a supervisor or technician, my call was dropped. I started asking them to call me back if the call was dropped and one lady said her notes indicated I would be getting a call within the hour. Never happened.

    The flood was because the delivery person never even installed the hose into the back of the washer. It was dangling loose!

    This was 5 days ago, and I have yet to get a return call for all of the calls I made trying to get help. My boyfriend managed to get my washer and dryer hooked up.

    By the way, the power cord was not delivered with the dryer either. Thanks.

  3. Bought washer and dryer online 7/3 They delivered them without platforms. Thought I was buying bundle. I had to pay additonal $550 for 2 pltfrms, which they delivered 4 days later on the 7th. In the process of installation, when finished, they hook up the gas line to the dryer, but hustled out the door and left without turning on my gas valve. I’m 89, so I can’t pull the machine out to get back there, so I called delivery and asked them to come back and turn it on.

    They said Friday the 13th–maybe!

    It’s now Monday, 7/16 and no word. Am I mad??? You don’t want to know HOW mad!

  4. I paid for a water filter for my kenmore 3 door refrigerator yesterday and Sears didn’t have it in stock. I gave them my change of address from Florida to Texas but noticed on my receipt my address hadn’t been changed. Sales check. 25870222774.

  5. The delivery of my washer/dryer unit was scheduled for Thursday (the next day from my purchase). the delivery confirmed delivery was to be Thurs afternoon. No one came. I called several numbers and finally spoke to someone with a thick accent who said my delivery had been rescheduled for Saturday. No reason was given. This is not satisfactory. I had to call again to schedule at my convenience. NOT HAPPY.

    1. I spent all day yesterday cleaning out my older fridge to be hauled away..bagged up all my good cold food and left them out on a counter, about 200.00 worth, Friday shopping,

      Sears were to be her between 8-12 am, no show, no call, waited another 5 hrs, no show…..

      Food will have to be thrown away…..and I pd. extra for a time slot….

      I’m going to cancel my big, expensive stainless Steele Fridge…..mad as hell!

  6. don’t be fooled !!! free Delivery !! what a joke ! i bought a stove a fridge in november due to building a home i was told I can get it delivered when ever i want , so i told them any sunday in in Feb so they set it up for a sunday , they called me a day before they where going to deliver and said the no longer work on Sundays so i said ok let’s do a friday and set it up, i asked to be set for morning , they called me the night before and told me that they will be there from 3 pm -5 pm i was so upset because i took morning off work to be there and had to be at work at 2pm then when i called sears they said my fridge was canceled !!! so I got upset called sears to see why they didnt know why !! WHAT A COMPANY !! they dont know anything and GET EVERY THING WRONG !! and never know why ! I WILL BUY FROM ANYWHERE BUT NEVER AGAIN SEARS !! and then they want to know why they dont have business its very clear !!

  7. I am going thru this right now. I am shocked Sears has so many issues. Never will shop or order again. I can’t even reach anyone to cancel!!!!

  8. I didn’t even get a delivery schedule , the delivery driver calls me while I was working of course I missed the call. The voicemail he left said “hello this is victor with Sears delivery just wanna let you know I’ll be there in 10 minutes” what the heck ? Even 30 minutes would have been a little better than that !


  10. Our new Kenmore Elite freezer was just delivered by Chris and Tyrone. Excellent delivery. The setup was speedy, thorough and informative. They called to give us a two hour window 10:15 to 12:15 and were here promptly at 10:15. On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the best, we give them a 10 .

  11. I am expecting delivery of a clothes washer, Kenmore brand, on Saturday, 6/14/14. This is Friday the 13th and I have not received any notification of delivery as yet. This is the first time I ordered online and hope I’m not in for a disappointment. I need to wash clothes, as I was away and expect to have a washer tomorrow to do my laundry.

    Please look into this matter. Thanks. P.S. I used my Discover card to pay for this purchase.

  12. Now 7 15 waiting for a dishwasher that was supposed to be delivered between five and seven. Called and was told the delivery person would call me immediately with a revised delivery time. No call yet.

  13. The worst delivery service I have ever encountered. They were 10 minutes after the last delivers window and wanted to run out before they even delivered the dishwasher. No one told me that I needed to have the dishwasher disconnected or they would not haul it away, which I paid for. I told them I could have my neighbor do it right now but they closed the door on the truck with the new dishwasher in it an was about to leave until I started yelling to leave my dishwasher and my neighbor came out. This was so anxiety provoking. The worst service I ever had there was no service. They were not willing to work with me and just wanted to leave. They left the dishwasher in the driveway and did not even put it in my garage. I am so upset I will never have delivery from Sears again!!

  14. I bought a NordicTack T 6.1 Treadmill the motor burned up within 10 hrs. of use

    I returned it and another was Delevered a week later

    that Treadmill lasted about 15 hrs and the motor bearng with out

    had a very hard time to have it replaced

  15. Sears delivery has been the worst experience ever. It took 3 attempts to get the new washer delivered and I am still trying to old washer picked up. I have experienced a no show because they did not have the poduct in the warehouse. This was after a non show and several phone calls to the call center. The next attempt was a we don’t have that delivery date and then finally, we won’t hook The washer because the faucets look rusty and we wont do it, call us once you replace them or hook it up yourself. For the old washer pick up I have experienced a no show, a we don’t have that delivery date to twice not calling the night before with the 2 hour window that they would be out. This has been a e month ordeal. I suspect that they have outsourced to India or some other country. I will not purchase from them in the future.

  16. Purchased a television from Sear Pearlridge and have had nothing but trouble from the delivery department. They give you one date and because they contract another company to delivery and they could careless. Date on the receipt is the date the delivery company picks up the television then they contact you for the delivery date. These third party delivery people could careless about customer service. If I knew when I purchased what delivery was going to be like, I would never have bought from Sears. They used to have great customer service. No wonder they are closing stores! Will not buy from Sears again.

  17. I just experienced the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I bought a refrigerator from Sears on 4/10/14. I was told it would be delivered Monday. Then they contacted us and said it hadn’t arrived and it would be delivered Tuesday between 9:30 and 11:30am. The time came and went. I called about every 2 hrs asking about my fridge. Every time I was told they sent a message to the delivery company and that they would be calling me with a new time but that it would definitely be delivered on Tues. It never was delivered and the delivery truck never called. On Wed I called to ask where my fridge was. They said they couldn’t get ahold of the delivery people and only offered to request a new delivery for Thursday. I asked for a manager. It took 6 hrs to get a Manager. She couldn’t offer anything more. It is now midnight and I still don’t have a time for delivery tomorrow. They have given me NO REASON as to why they have not delivered my fridge and no explanation of where it may be or anything. I can not believe I am receiving this poor degree of customer service from a big name like Sears. I will never shop there again! I am absolutely amazed. Awful. I would not be surprised if they go completely out of business soon!

  18. swear to “od their call center is also the call center for assurance wireless and chartis aig ..scary on many levels. they would not tell me what country they are in……..shame on sears for out sourcing american jobs .shame on chase bank for doing that as well.with the us unemployment rate what it is that is a dam shame

  19. We bought a treadmill, supposedly the delivery date is june 17, 2014. We received a call around june 16 saying that there was a problem with our ordered. Called customer service, explained the situation. Customer service told us they would be referring it to the warehouse and the warehouse will call us within 24 hours. they did not call back. We called back again. Again we were told the same story. They said the product is no longer available? Why was it on display in the store if they dont have it in stock anymore! They said a specialist will call us within 24 hours! They did not call back. This repeated again and again and again. No good help from their customer service! I even called the store to ask about it. They said they can’t help us with that since the WAREHOUSE people are the one dealing with it and then he gave me the wrong number for the sears customer hotline. No Help at all!!!!!! Im so frustrated with Sears! They do not treat their customer right! We deserve better that this crappy service! This i the last time we will ever get anything for this company!

  20. Waited all day on Saturday 12/17 (paid extra for the Sat del), called around 6:15pm for a del scheduled by 6:30pm, was told because of weather they couldn’t deliver. Stopped by the store the next day found out no deliveries were made on Saturday – too cold. So in other words, the delivery guys had day off and customers were not even given the courtesy of a call advising they wouldn’t be showing up. Scheduled another time for this upcoming Thursday and today alone we’ve had 4 different schedule changes with the only one “confirmed” being tomorrow during the day, when we can not be here -btw we didn’t confirm that one. Speaking with the Philippines is a nightmare to boot. Apparently next delivery date is after Christmas. If Sears is intent on creating the absolute worse customer service experience, they have actually over-delivered – it’s the appliances that are under-delivered!

  21. The delivery was a nightmare. First of all because of a Holiday that week. and the delivery date was given to me was cancelled, I had to pay extra to get it delivered on Saturday or wait for another week. I was told that I would get a call the day before the delivery between the hours of 4 and 9. This never happen. I waited by the phone all this time. The day of the delivery, I still did not get a call. I guess I’m suppose to wait all day with no idea when the delivery is to come. When I called the delivery number on the internet because not one picked the phone up at the store I was told that they could not call the delivery people to find out information for me. What a joke cells phones are everywhere. Sears need to get out of business or work on fixing Customer Service. It sucks.

  22. I wished i had read all these comments before going forward with my online purchase of a mattress. The delivery was scheduled for Saturday and i received 2 automated calls from Sears to confirm the delivery date and time. So i waited for the delivery and was surprised that it didn’t arrive. I called up customer service and i was really mad. All i could get was an apology. I told the customer service rep that i want to cancel my order but after 10 mins i received a call from sears telling me that they will reschedule my delivery!!! I also asked for a copy if the complaint that i filed and a confirmation of the order cancellation which am still waiting after 5 days. I just hope i get my money back. And Sears is never getting my money again!!

  23. I gave a 1 star because I couldn’t put a 0! Don’t waste your time with the 1800 sears delivery # it’s out of the country and they can’t do squat!!! I went round and round with them for over an hour!!! Our delivery was scheduled between 1:15-3:15. I got back to our house at 10 minutes to 1:00 and the delivery guy dropped off everything (still in boxes) in the garage. This is what I ordered Refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, oven, microwave, washer and dryer. They were also suppose to hook up the washer and the refrigerator. How in the world am I suppose to get all these appliances in the house I don’t have a dolly. I’m very disappointed and when I need appliances next time I will NOT be using sears it’s not worth the stress!!!

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