Secure Horizons


Secure Horizons is medicare supplement health insurance provided by United Healthcare.

USA Corporate Office Headquarters<

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  1. I have been on hold now for 19 minutes – I work at a doctors office – and have to let several calls go to voicemail. The wait information is horrid. It is LOUD and I have no way of turning the volume down. I can only imagine with all the money they are saving from having a customer service crew, that the CEO of AARP can take his/her family on some very nice vacations. At our expense.

  2. 6/17/2014 Have been dealing with CS about claim dated 9/2013. can not find anyone to help settle this with provider. Have talked to six different cs reps in that time. Have been oh hold at least 30 minutes each time and got no help. this is not even a large claim. will be changing ins. ASAP!!!! along with letting all my friends know not to get UHC. I am also writting a letter to AARP to let them know how the company they indorse has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. There is no rateing low enough for this company. My blood pressure rises just thinking about this claim and Ins. company.

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