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  1. Hi Tony, were questions regarding the difference between Shaklee and Herbalife answered or would you like to set up a webinar with me and I could show you in 10 minutes some of the exceptional differences? Let me know!

  2. I placed an online order on Sat., Nov. 2. When I hadn’t rec’d an email confirmation by Mon. I attempted to call the customer service number: 1 800 742-5533. The first time I was on the line 10 min. and no one answered. I hung up and tried again and, after 8 min., was asked if I would like a call back. NEVER HAPPENED! Called again hours later, left my number again and, once again, got no response.

    Who would want to deal with a company so irresponsible in contacting customers? How long do they expect you to wait for a call back and actually speak to a human being?

  3. please be advised that I had to refuse a $68.00 gold pak package and have left it be returned to your company. My dr. wants to be assured that all my medications do not interfere with your products. Please attempt to refund at least a portion of the charge of $68.00. I thank you. Mary Ellen was my sponsor.

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