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Shape magazine covers fitness, fashion, eating and lifestyles for women.

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22 Replies to “Shape Magazine”

  1. Please stop sending me this shape magazine I never order it. It’s not a modest magazine I want in my house.
    I’m on a limited income so please take my name off your list.

  2. I have begun receiving shape magazine without subscribing and I want it to stop. #FIT2437412451/3#.
    Northfield NJ. 08225

  3. I have unsubscribed several times and I’m still receiving this magazine. Please unsubscribe my subscription permanently. Thank you.

  4. Gail,

    My name is Sue. i have been scammed in Sept the same way. Did get them cancelled abd some refund.One place to call about this to stop Shape isSubTotal at 1-800-258-3350. The magazines are processed through them. NUMBER FOR sHAPE IS 1-800-340-8953. GOOD LUCK

  5. I’m getting this magazine too, and I detest fashion magazines! I certainly never ordered it. I don’t know who ordered it for me, but if it doesn’t stop, I’ll get the Beter Business Bureau or somone on the case. I throw every copy into the trash as it is.

  6. I had notified customer service that I was getting two issues each of Fit and now two issues just came of Shape. FIT1733889883 and FIT0267007086 are the two labels. Please advise.

  7. You all keep sending these magazines to me. I made request to stop it and they still coming. Please, please stop sending them. I do not hIave time f ior them. Remove my name from your account.I do not finance for them.

  8. My mother, an 86year old with copd, advanced dementia, and on an oxygen machine does not need Shape Magazine. I do not know why she is receiving it and how it was paid for, but it needs to stop. I have been unable to find anyone to complain to. This is a scam, and if Shape Magazine was a reputable company they would address this problem.

  9. i did not order shape mag. i was billed on debit card on july 1 for 19.95 please stop sending and return my money. thank you

  10. I too have no idea how I got hooked up to this Shapes magazine and I’m having a devil of a time trying to get unsubscribed from them. What a racket!!!

  11. I have read all the complaints and I do not Know WHY I”m getting the mag. I did not order it also get VUOGE AND, ELLE AND WHAT ELSE if that is charged to my account I need my money back as I am on a very t

    ight budget,also feel I’m too old for those kind of mags almost 80

  12. I was receiving Shape which I never ordered & called 800-340-8953. Their response time was low & efficient. I was told that I was signed up for a 2 year subscription when I made a purchase I asked that they stop sending the magazine & presumable, that has now been taken care of

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