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  1. My berries arrived but I was so disappointed. The berries were not fresh. They we’re slimy and soft. When I opened the box I could smell over ripe berries. I have always heard that Sheri’s Berries we’re the best. Mine were not pleasant to eat. I will not buy them again.

  2. I tried four times to place at least 3 orders, but was unable to understand the person that would take my order. Do you not have anyone that speaks ENGLISH???? Giving some one a name of Sue or Betty, Bill or Bob,is not a real big help when it comes to being able to understand them. However, after reading all the negative comments on the product,I am rethinking my plans. Sounds like you have some REAL big problems!!!! Lorene

  3. Please stop sending your sales promotions and offers. I know how to reach you if I want to.

    I am receiving your ads at the following e-mail sites:

    Thank you for attending to this matter.

  4. I received today, Dec.24th,2015 an individually wrapped box of choc, dipped pretzels. EVERYONE WAS

    BROKEN IN TWO TO FIVE PIECES. When someone spends money for a gourmet gift that comes in

    that condition that this pkg. was it is Unacceptable. I think you should refund the sender their money,

  5. Well I was not Satisfied with Shari Berries due to the fact that I placed an order for my Girlfriend on 12-20-15.And they were supposed to be delivered on 12-22-15 and they did not arrive until 12-23-15 when my Girlfriend finally received them the chocolate was melted and the Strawberries were all smashed together. we are not happy with Shari Berries and we will no longer continue business. Due to another fact I was charged a grand total of 49.96.I feel like this was a total rip off we are Unhappy with what we received in this Matter.

  6. I would like to send berries to one of my son and his family but most of them have Birthday wishes attached to the berries. Can that be omitted. I want to send them because they just moved into their new home. Ann

  7. Had a very bad experience order chocolate strawberries for birthday gift for my sister she never got them very disappointed

  8. this is the second time my son has sent me sharries berrys the first as 1 doz.and they were very good.but I just received 2 doz ,and they were soft and mushy.i will ask him not send anything from your company,and after reading many,many negative comments,i will not recommend you to anyone else. they were sent to st james city fl.

  9. I spoke with a customer service representative the week of 3/23/14 regarding a delivery of dipped strawberries, a birthday gift from our daughter. I explained the berries were ‘mushy’ and although we tried 2 of them, we cut into the others and they were all the same. We tossed them in the trash. The service rep. said you provide 100% satisfaction, and another gift pack would arrive by Thursday, 3/27/14. As of 3/30/14 we have still not received the second delivery. Quite frankly, we feel badly that our daughter spent hard-earned money for this product as well as your NOT keeping your word. I cannot recommend Shari’s Berries to anyone.

  10. Brittney was fantastic in helping me locate an order that didn’t arrive. I would give her a five star for her performance.

    Don Canter

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