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SirusXM customer service phone number to call for technical support and help.

SiriusXM was created by the merger of XM satellite radio and Sirius satellite radio. They stream hundreds of channels by satellite right to your home or car. Sirius XM’s competitors include iTunes, iHeartRadio, and Google Music.

SiriusXM Corporate Offices

1290 Avenue of the Americas 11th Floor

New York, NY 10104 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-584-5100

Official Website:

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7 Replies to “SiriusXM Customer Service”

  1. I live near Puerto Vallarta MX and just recently renew my subscription and with in 1 week have no service, I have tried to refresh my signal to no avail.tried to call but could not get through.Either you you answer this e-mail or cancel my subscription.

  2. Where are these telephone service reps located? India? Very strong accents, very difficult to understand, inordinate delays placing you on hold repeatedly while they “check the account” and then providing billing information that is incorrect. If you want this to continue to be a going concern, then find someone who can understand and speak English and can respond with a modistuff of common sense. Extraordinarily inept service. Finally, in frustration and somewhat piqued, I asked the contact person where he was located? Suspicions confirmed. India.

    Not a good system.

  3. I tried with out success to talk with a rep that I could understand and get an explanation from. I have had 4 different quotes on subscription prices thus far. Not one would offer me one time billing. none knew how to direct me to get this subscription turned on in a recently bought used vehicle. I begged to speak to someone skilled in American English. I never heard from one person I could understand or relate to . I am so tired of this language barrier. why would any reputable company continue to upset thousands of would be customers for lack of communication. Are these employees working so cheaply that they make enough to offset all this lost revenue. I will never turn another Sirius radio on till I can speak with understanding to an agent and get a finite price in an orderly way. I hope they go broke if they will not get this resolved. p.s. I have three vehicles equipped with these radios. Wendell

  4. This is by far the very worst company I have ever dealt with. My dog could give better customer service. I can not wait to cancel all my subscriptions with this failing company.

    After 7 calls they still cant find anyone there who knows what a magnet is??????? Just set it on the outside of your car……….Its all fiberglass you idiots

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