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11 Replies to “Snag a Job”

  1. Does anyone have phone number or email for snag a job. An employer sent info but I can’t loginto yahoo. How do I get snag a job to forward to my new email Shelby

  2. Hi! My name is Jana Pratt, and I am trying to look up my application that you said was successfully sent to the employer in which I have applied to. The employer has emailed me stating that it was incomplete. Could you give me some direction as to how I can go to the webpage because it is refusing to let me in. A quick response would greatly be appreciated.Thank you very much.

  3. Have been working overseas for several years and want to use your site, but it will not let me get past the “State” entry. Since I work overseas I don’t have a “State” to enter. Is their a work-around or should I just enter the companies headquarters address?

  4. I have put in apps and no one haven’t contact me yet yall not keeping me post with whats going on with these jobs I have apply for could yall get with me and let me know something.

  5. this comment is for snag a job customer service

    I was attempting to use your website to find a temp job.. However you kept sending me error message saying my password was incorrect/ I BEG TO DIFFER> THIS PASSWORD HAS BEEN THE ONE I HAVE USED FOR AT LEAST 6-7 years. I have no intention of chaniing anything about it whatsoever. so, I will conduct my job pursuits in some otheher manner

  6. hello this comment is for snag a job customer support

    I was trying to do a job search. But, I keep getting error messages telling me my login was incorrect. you see, I have used this same one for at least 15 years


    r parker

  7. Once again contacting Snag a Job comes to a dead end without their actual contact number.

    My profile on my application had errors and they remained even after re-entering the correct information. If this business is to filter and advance a job application it should be accurate. Also asking actual birth date on an application is against federal law.

  8. Snagajob, people have enough problems in this world and frustrations without going

    through your confusing password syndrome.

    It’s just terrible many of us are seeking employment and we have to go through your-

    website to apply. it’s not fare for us to try and sign on with our pass word or reset our



  9. I cannot update my profile. I have moved and have different address and phone number. I even called today, while you are closed and told you all to send me an email to tell me how to do this, but after looking at this page then I don’t think I want to be a part of snagajob. I am a member of every career site you could think of so I am sure deleting you all, if it will even let me, will not be a problem as far as that goes. I am a full-time student, and can only work part-time anyways, and I haven’t been a member long on any of the sites.

    Good luck and I would be getting my butt in gear if I were you all, because there’s a lot of customers that you could help if you would only pay attention to them. CUSTOMERS ARE IMPORTANT!!!!!!

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