Snapchat is the popular photo sharing site for Android and iPhones. They do not offer a customer service phone number. However, they do have online support.
SnapChat Corporate
579 Toyopa Drive
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-4470

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  1. My 10 year old daughter was talking to a 28 year old man. I WANT TO TALK TO A PERSON!!! NOT THE COMPUTER OR AN RECORDING I WANT TO TALK TO A PERSON.

  2. my account was hacked I have important dostuffents and pictures I need help retrieving my account I will get legal help and sue snapchat

  3. ok dear snapchat , my name is matt armstrong Gmail is * * i had a hack in situation a couple weeks ago i would say like 2-3 weeks ago with my account from someone i knew but this person change my password back after they where done using it to build up information on me therefore while i was on the phone with this person i was constantly begging them to change my password back which this person ended up doing so after Iv’ll logged myself back into my account Iv’ll changed my previous password which was ”Just176420624” to something like ”badmatt99” which is the same thing as my user name or ”lovemenow123 ”which im not sure right now because i just forgotten it i tend to change my a lot for security purposes my main original password was Jus4 i believe or somthin like that idk it was years ago i tend to change my password a lot which i’m writing to you now because i need help !!!! because Iv’ll tried everything to log my self back in with emails phone numbers everything! my account is very old so i still had my old phone number which is 7 Iphone 6 carrier : boost moblie proven fact that this is me but iv’ll gotten a new number witch is which is not letting me text my self also it had my old email @ or i’m not sure on how much information is left out you guys can pull up the snap records if you guys have one you can see iv’ll made numerous changes to my password this last month n check on the information iv’ll given you like i’m not BSing you i just really want my account back back plzzz !! that’s all if you guys want to email me or call/text my number to ask Question’s i would be more then glad too answer all of then my Email is / thank youu plzzz contact me asappp i would be most satisfied it took me more then 30 mins to write this im slow so plz contact me back p.s my snapchat user name is Badmatt99 by the way

  4. Were you able to resolve your issue? I have the same problem, only when I tried to unlock after several hours (3-4) it said my account was permanently deleted! I think my account was hacked. I have tried to find a contact number or email address to get this resolved but continue to get directed to online support. I need a real person to solve my problem.

  5. yeah, same thing happened to me, and it is quite aggravating how I cant get back on. I’m also going to loose all of my Snapstreaks if I don’t figure this out soon. Someone please help!!

  6. Snapchat- help!! My streak with “emily<33" went away and we have been snapchatting all day!! Please put it back!!

  7. My snap chat logs me out and I am out of it, because I accidentally entered the wrong birth year and it won’t let me change that so can you please fix a mistake because I need to get my snap streak up with my friend and also I lost a 90 day snap streak with my friend because it just kicked us off and we don’t know why am really mad so can you try to either I can fix your problem or just give us our snap streak back somehow thanks

  8. I got log out permanently and I don’t know y and also I lost my 90 day streak for know reason we got it up for the day and it just dispersed so I am not happy and if u don’t get my account unlocked I will keep complaining

  9. I am temporarily locked out of my account for no reason and I don’t use a third party app or spam or post explocit content. Can you guys please unlock me? Thank you.

  10. by accident I put in a false email address on my snapchat profile and I cant change it to my real email address but I don’t want to delete my account. What do I do??

  11. I was entering my complete birthday (15) this morning on snapchat & got permanently locked out….help, I can’t get back in..thank you

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