Snapchat is the popular photo sharing site for Android and iPhones. They do not offer a customer service phone number. However, they do have online support.
SnapChat Corporate
579 Toyopa Drive
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-4470

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  1. So someone changed my password I can’t recover my account with the phone number because I don’t have the phone nor phone number and I don’t have the email address either so I’d like my account back ????

  2. My phone was lost I can’t receive verification codes at the moment I just want my verification code emailed to me please

  3. Heyyyyy,, so I was thinking that yall should make snapchat have a boomerang! It would he soo litt!! So please add it to snapchat ! thanks

  4. Snapchat logged me off, I’ve had this Snapchat account for a while and have changed my password many times, on account of people figuring them out, I used a phone number I no longer have and can not access the gmail I used. I don’t understand why Snapchat logged me out. I’m very annoyed and frustrated. Is there any way I can get my Snapchat account back?

  5. My streaks are gone. They will hit 85 and then disappear. Every time. It’s growing old. Can you fix this please?

  6. Hi I’ve been trying to set up my Snapchat with my new number I login is not letting me I tried to do it without my phone number is not working because the phone is set up with my old number on Snapchat so now if I type in the old number they send the quote to the old number but I don’t have that phone anymore or that number so this new phone I’m trying to login is not letting me I’m trying to change the password is not letting me and if I put my new phone number so they can send me the code Is not Please I really need someone to help me

    1. This is happening to me I can’t get in my email and I have no access to my number on my account…..Is it possible for me to use a different number to verify my account?

  7. I need help to delete all of my daughter account she have many of them and doesn’t reamber the password her name is dacery please can you shut them all down

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