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3 Replies to “SoundCloud”

  1. To Sound Cloud Marketing and Advertising:

    I love your web site and use it all the time.

    I have a suggestion to improve your web site for people wanting to re arange their songs.

    I would like to see the ability to click on one of their songs, and have the capability to reposition it like they have it in Reverb Nation.

    Right now I have to delete a song and reload another song if I want it in a higher or lower position. I believe this would save your company alot of internet time and give the artists more flexability in positioning their songs from time to time.

  2. Help me please soundcloudcreated a new account for me instead of me loging me into my old one i dont know why i cant log into my old one anymore its like theres two people but its just me and now that account is still open i want to get back into it

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