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  1. ref. SR2276251715792 I thought at least some one would respond to my comment in reference to kicking military mom and 2 small children off plane on Fri. Nov. 23rd from Cleveland to Baltimore because flight attendant could not handle it. shame on your airlines not even responding.

  2. I fly with a emotional support dog (6 pounds).

    She is registered with American Airlines. Can you register her with Southwest Airlines? Marla

  3. My son was on a flt. last night from Denver to EWE that was scheduled to arrive at 9:55pm. The flt was delayed originally for 50 min., which he was notified by text, due to an incoming plane. Then a second & third delay…. The plane which was delayed 3 hours got into EWR at 12:45am on the 20th. Meanwhile I’m waiting outside at 1:00 am for him to retrieve his bag off the carousel. It took 45 MINUTES for his bag to come through and there were easily 70 people still waiting for their luggage!! West knew this flt would be late, but to COMPOUND a BAD SITUATION, it was obvious they were COMPLETELY understaffed!! This is absolutely ridiculous…. If the plane is delayed 3 hours, West HAS to have handlers to b sure people can get out of the airport quickly!! ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE!!! Meanwhile I’m outside getting chased by cops, circling the airport for 40 min. Should have Flown United….

  4. I was booked with our church group on a round trip flight from SATX to WDC on May 27, 2014. On the return flight from DC to SATX , flight # 351, boarding at gate A10, I was issued boarding pass #B17. When lining up in numerical order to depart, the choir member in front of me showed me that he had the identical boarding number (I was the last member for my group, as they were issued alphabetically). When I handed my pass to the attendant for boarding, he rudely informed me that I could not board and took my pass. I asked him what procedure I should follow and he abruptly told me to return to the desk. I asked him for my boarding pass so that I could return it to the desk and he emphatically told me “No” three times. I proceeded to the desk and the lady politely asked me my names, confirmed I was with the group and should have a pass and asked for the incorrect pass. I told her the gate attendant would not give it to me, so she went to him and took the incorrect pass and issued me another pass. When I returned to the gate and handed the new pass to him, he pointed to the pass and stated “You didn’t give me your correct first name!” (He never asked my name – and nothing was changed on the boarding pass.

    When I arrived in San Antonio and retrieved my luggage, it was soaking wet – had apparently been left out in the rain in Baltimore. No other luggage from our group had luggage that was wet. Although the fabric covered luggage has a vinyl lining, much of my clothing was wet indicating it had been in the rain a substantial amount of time.

    I have flown Southwest many times and have NEVER been treated rudely. Several of my co-passengers overheard the male attendant who was out of line and couldn’t believe his comments. Not good PR for Southwest!

  5. On June I took a flight to Reno, Nevada for a bowling tournament. When I arrived in Reno my bowling bag was not on the flight. I received my bowling bags later on that night. On the return flight which was suppose to be a flight with no plane change. We were informed that there was a change plane. I had to hurry to catch the plane, only to find out that the plane was not ready. I was suppose to arrive in Houston at 12:50am. I did not arrive in Houston until 2:30am that next morning. the flight attendent was very rude and didn’t answer questions concerning the delayed flight. She also made a statement to a passenger who was ask to make sure 4 kids was taken care of. She said that the kids were not her concern. I have used Southwest for most of my travels and had never been treated so rudly. I will have second thoughts next time I travel. I thought this needed to be address so that southwest can let it’s employees know to treat their passengers in a more professional manner. Very disappointed in the way things were handled.My flight was 3787 from Las Vegas.June 16, 2014

  6. I was trying to book 2 air tickets with southwest airline . I was interrupted by a booking inst and ended up being charged another 40.00 dollars in my booking. I am very upset that Southwest Airlines allowed such behavior.

    I also applied for a coupon with my email and now am told I can’t have it. Be careful of the scammers that not good people to deal with.

  7. Southwest lost my luggage and has not returned my phone call in spite of repeated calls to Albuquerque luggage service. This is deplorable based on past experience with Southwest.

  8. Lost my phone on a flight to Burbank on 12/29/14 and low and behold it was returned to me on 2/12/15. I am flabbergasted by the amount of due diligence by your lost and found department..Kudos to Southwest lost and found department. This is why you are our first choice when we fly and you stand out above the rest, Thank You!

  9. I would like to recognize ticket counter agent Jennifer Mendoza that works at San Antonio International Airport in Texas. She spent over an hour with me, during what was supposed to be her lunch break, to help me us my sw airline vouchers on a future flight. After many attempts to make my credits work, she was successful, and I really appreciated the time and effort she put in to make my situation a positive experience. Because my husband suffered a stroke, we were unable to use the vouchers in a timely fashion. She understood, and took the time to make things right for us. Thankyou Jennifer!!!

  10. I receive a $25.00 Southwest gift card for Christmas. I went to use the card, I scratched off the PIN on the back and found that either the card never had one, or it scratched off in the process.

    I immediately called Southwest customer service hoping this could be resolved quickly, and I could still use the card for my upcoming reservation. It has been nothing short of a runaround!!!!!

    I offered to send them a copy of the card. Southwest refuses to assist me unless I mail them the actual card and the receipt from the purchase. I have repeatedly explained that this was a gift, I’ve gone back to the purchaser and they don’t have the receipt. I don’t feel I should have to ask someone to go back to the place of purchase and go through the painful process of try to get a copy of the receipt. It has been extremely frustrating dealing with Southwest and I’ve decided it is not worth the headaches they have given me.

    So to everyone who reads this, take my advice and don’t buy Southwest gift cards, you could be giving someone a headache instead of a gift.

    To Southwest, I say keep the $25.00…I have decided to take the time and energy I could spend arguing with you, to ALERT the public about your defective gift cards and your inability to resolve this issue without a hassle.

    The price of negative feedback, will far exceed $25.00. I am posting this on ever social media site I can find.

  11. I always fly Southwest. I am disabled can walk but short distances. Southwest has always helped me and I love the no charge baggage check . Love you Southwest

  12. SW was recommended to me by a friend who flies with them regularly. However, after reading all these comments I’m not sure I want to go Southwest! It’s been years since my husband, who has MS, and I have been on any kind of a vacation. We’re hoping to go out to Calif. for a few days to visit daughter/6 grandchildren, BUT – I have to reconsider using SW. We can’t go through such hassles. Husband cannot walk, has to use walker, needs wheelchair at airport(s). Sad that customers are treated in such brutal, nasty ways at any airport.

  13. I would like to know haw to retrieve a pair of prescription sun glass that i left on 6/13/16 on flight 448 from Vegas to Albuquerque .

  14. Q Is there any redress for damage to clothes in luggage which got soaking wet while in the possession of Southwest Baggage Handling? My case was held for me overnight in either Houston or San Jose CA on 11/17th to 11/18th while I was held up by the storm? It probably was left out in that heavy rain. I collected the bag today 18th and was glad I opened it immediately as the contents were very wet and I lost several paper dostuffents plus the colours from a black dress leaked onto my favourite green blouse, ruining it with indelible stains. I am very disappointed with Southwest after this obvious carelessness. I have a soggy TA inspection form which makes me think they knew about it. I hope to hear from customer service on this matter.

  15. I booked travel from VA to Atlanta…connecting to Honolulu for my son’s special ceremony for promotion in the Army – he’s served 2 tours in Iraq, became a drill sergeant – and I’ve never missed these important and memorable events in his military career. Two weeks before my date to fly, I was involved in a horrific accident, that has left me literally immobile, unable to go back to my part time job…in addition to already being disabled with spinal fusion (6 screws implanted in my spinal column to hold it together). I requested for the past 8 weeks for a refund – have sent hospital emergency records, letters from my doctor rendering me “unfit to travel”, in addition to the financial hardships suffered from not able to work. It’s not a lot of money – but my lights could be turned off, due to lack of work and the small pension I receive from being disabled is not enough to carry me until I get back on my feet. I’ve had great success with my connecting flight’s customer service “expediting my claim”… BUT Southwest has not only claimed “not to have my dostuffentation” although I sent it PRIORITY with signature required (I have that signature), but also faxed the doctor’s letter three (3) times! This is unacceptable from any company, considering I’ve been more detailed with them – than I have here…still no refund. Don’t think I’ll deal with them again – their website isn’t true about “emergencies” because if my situation doesn’t fit…whose does?!


  16. When going on a cruise, we always take Southwest, cause who could go on a cruise with only a carry-on? And my daughter has to have at least two bags. And everyone I talked to were very polite and helpful.

  17. I wanted to change my return flight to a later date. It took less than five to complete the transaction and with a rebate to be used on a later flight. The experience was really, really great. Southwest is the best.

  18. Every time I asked to be transferred to an agent, my call is disconnected. I just need to clarify a small bit of info regarding an upcoming (4/28) flight and the automated agent can’t do it.

  19. worst airline ever, poor customer service, bought ticket, ordered by dr not capable of flyng asked to transfer credit to different person refused . said policy is policy, no apology

  20. the SWA completely tore up my friend’s bag from his trip to Dayton, Ohio from orange county. the bag is unusable.They refused to replace his bag claiming that the bag had to be torn from one end to the other on both the sides before it can be replaced. Their Agent in Dayton, Rick, was obnoxious and outright abusive in dealing with our problem. I had a great impression of this airline but the experience like the above has changed my mind and I will try to avoid this airline. Their Service Agent, Jim Bopp, was too busy to get involved with the problem.

  21. I have flown Southwest almost exclusively for years and always raved about you…However, I recently had a very disarming experience. Flying from Tampa to L.I. Islip I had to change planes in Baltimore. Due to fog and inadequate service in Baltimore I missed my first connection. I am 74 years old, with severe arthritis problems and was directed to walk (no wheel chairs available) from Terminal A to Terminal C to connect with another flight which I missed then directed to walk back to Terminal A for another flight. There was no one to help me and I was finally reduced to tears from the pain of walking and total frustration. After much ado my arrival in Islip NY was at 6pm instead of 12:05. I have never encountered such inadequacy, lace of employee competence and uncaring people as I did in Baltimore. It was a very disappointing and painful experience. P.S. Upon making my reservations for this trip I did request wheel chair assistance.

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