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  1. I am the retired news editor of a major metropolitan daily newspaper and know how important headlines are.

    We had several pairs of eyes on Page One (like a mag. cover ) before it went to press. How in the world was

    Mike Dantonio printed instead of Mark? Your efforts getting me to renew just went down the drain. Also, you

    appear to print articles writers offer rather then assign articles. I think the content of the magazine and its

    balance of coverage is deteriorating. ST “ain’t what it used to be,”

  2. ordered 1 year sub 8/14/15 promised team sweatshirt in 4to6 weeks. called customer service on10/8/15 was told sweatshirts were only put into production on10/1/15 allow another 4to6 weeks maybe I will get it by xmas 15????jim

  3. NO STARS and no renewal. U just renewed my subscription w/o my authorization….and mine doesn’t expire for 4 weeks and there was no auto-pay that I set up for this. And I have to deal w getting my card credited now. I’m definitely not renewing now!!! or giving SI to my 4 brothers anymore. We don’t even like SI anymore and get much better newer info online from sports sites. Hasta la vista, dishonest SI.

  4. I am cancelling my subscription to Sports Illustrated as of Sept. 9, 2015. I also did not allow your company access to my account and now have a fraud alert on you by my card services. I am also following this up with a call to your company and calling VISA’s fraud services.

  5. I have been receiving SI for several months and never ordered it. Please let me know how this happened, and let me know if I’m going to be billed for the magazines I never ordered and don’t want.

    Thank you

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