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  1. You have been taking out 9.99 a month. I would like to be refunded. I did not place order. If you have any question please phone

  2. I love reading idiot morons who think random get human phone lookup sites are run by the company who’s number they’re trying to find. Look at the two braindead people who posted thinking they’re talking to Spotify.

  3. i am charged 9.99 a month i never signed up for this and how did you get my credit card #you company has no customer service

  4. I don’t know who this is and I want my money put back in my count . I should be asked before signing me up to taking 9.99 a month out of my account. please explain who this. Patricia Green

  5. I hate the computer answering machine every time I try to call sprint. It just leads to more and more irrelevant options that I don’t need. And when I do get a live person its someone with a thick middle eastern accent which no offense to the other person, can make it hard for me to understand. Please, please, please get better customer providers Sprint.

  6. I discontinued my landline service and switched over to the cell phone for my business. I called Sprint “customer service”? to discontinue my service with them…..he said, ” we do not show an account with your name, address, or account number”? I ask, ” who the hell was I paying for all these years “? I sure received and sent a check every month…..and they still send me bills.WTF

  7. Sprint phone is locked because phone put in wrong number. Now I cannot use my phone at all because you won’t unlock it. I only have one hand but your procedure requires two to do unlock process. How about you find some remote process by which you can fix my phone. If you cannot find a way to unlock my phone, you can have it back. This is totally ridiculous. I don’t think it’s fair to ask me to drive 25 miles each way to go to a Sprint store just because I’m handicapped because I’ve only got one hand.

    My home phone is (864). Please call me and let me know what you’ll do to make my phone usable. I’m really upset that you would arbitrarily discriminate against me because of a ridiculously minute error. Surely you can fix it and make the phone work.

    I’d appreciate a response as soon as possible

  8. Your approach to customer service concerns by phone is very frustrating. Why can’t a customer ever speak with a live representative? Your answering machine simply reels out a barrage of new options following the customer’s response to each prompt and woe betide the customer if none of these options meets their need! The reality of time wasted is ultimately driven home with a disappointing “Thank you for calling. Goodbye!

  9. Sprint Billing Issues

    My name is Deborah and I have sprint. I recently had an opening on my account for a second line and was informed that my service would be free or a year and that I would only have to pay 36.00 monthly. however I received a bill for over 400.00 dollars. I am highly disappointed with this service. I have been with sprint for years and throughout the years there has always been an issue. how can a company be so incompetent? I would like this matter fixed.

  10. This is the 4 time having issues with making and receiving calls in the last year and a half. The ;previous times are the same as this last issue. No returned calls, on the phone for 30 minutes to over an hour each time I call. Each time I call the rep tells me something different. I am always told I will receive a call back within 48 – 72 hours and never do. Tonight was the last straw, I called asked for a supervisor and put on hold at the 3:30 minute mark after the 15 minute mark I get a technical support rep not a supervisor. On hold again and now after the 21st minute the technical support rep comes back on the phone and says before she send me to the supervisor she had to ask some questions. I said what information do you need. She starts asking questions about the issue I am having, I say, you already have all of those notes, Why do I need to repeat myself over and over again. She says to save time! I said never mind and hung up…..

  11. Sprint customer service SUCKS!!!!! I can not get a person to answer the phone. I just keep getting the freaking recording, push 1 for this and 2 for that. I need to speak to a live person!! At least I know what sprint thinks of its customers. I do not want to give them any stars but I must to post the comment.

  12. I have been a sprint customer for 13 years, and now is the time I will have to leave. I am having endless network problems like in coming calls going to voice mail, call are dropping during conversation, have to dial twice sometimes to make a call and the list goes on, not to forget about the billing. I have constantly filing complain to sprint customer service representative but the excuses is a “sorry about the inconvenience”. This has been going on for months and months and the concern isn’t rectify. SPRINT has network problems and do not want to admit. They continue to say “oh we are sorry and we are upgrading our towers, we are sending out technicians” and problem continue to prosper. Thank you SPRINT, now I”LL HAVE TO DIVORCE YOU AFTER 13 YEARS OF MARRIAGE.

  13. Was a Sprint customer since 2000 In spring 2012 I moved 4 miles east of m previous address, and lost my internet service completely. Phone service was horrible or I had no service. I could send text messages if I went outside. Repeated calls to Sprint’s customer service produced no help. The service reps were rde and denied that a problem existed. Then in June, 2012, I had no service or signal of any kind. It took 3 days to get Sprint, and I had to use a land line. I was told that a tower was down for repair and it would be out of service for 3 months. They did not care that I was a single, disabled senior citizen and so I told the Service rep. that since I had paid for services that the could not provide, for over 4 months I was cancelling my contract that the no longer had service in my area. My phone bills were over $200.00 a month! Now they are trying to collect ETF’s, as well. They are thieves!

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