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StandUP Wireless is a government supported wireless service provided by Global Connection Inc. of America.

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  1. I have to join some damn secure e-mail thing for $5 just to find out how to get my broken phone replaced??? Seriously??? Let me just cancel this so I can go to a different gov.t phone company. I see why there are so many negative comments about Standup wireless!!!

  2. This is he worst wireless company is ha I have ever seen. The employee act like smart asses and then hang up on you.Don’t EVER expect any type of asedence from this company. I did not think they even know how to handle or fix a problem with there phones or service.

  3. My stand up wireless phone was just recently stolen. I still have the charger. And, only I know the access code to get into my voice mail. I would like to have the phone service discontinued asap. And, if possible, receive a replacement phone. If it is the same kind, I will have the charger.

  4. This company should have negative stars. It is the worst. It’s a scam in my opinion, just to get people to buy the minutes. I was told I would get 500 free minutes a month and got only 250. Customer service said the guy who sold me the phone lied. Also, I don’t even get the whole 250 minutes a month. They double the minutes on you and if you want to cancel you have to wait 60 days to get any other type of phone. If you need a free phone, go anywhere else but Stand Up Wireless!

  5. I recently added minutes with my debit card, to your phone, for a handicapped friend, to help him out. Well, he never received the $30 of minutes purchased. And the money was taken off of my debit card. And I can’t get hold of anyone to solve this matter. The customer support is VERY rude, and poor, and I want either my money back, or the minutes added.

  6. I have had 3 phones that were damaged when they arrived at my home thus us the fourth one I sent the phone dack they received it on the 5th of this month still havent got a phone tryed calling only to be put on hold and then hung up on several times sent 6 e-mails no reply I sent $30 for a touch screen only to receive a damaged refurbidhed phone so I returned it on the 5th they receuved it why are they not sending the phone or answering my e-mail for a life-line service I could die before I get a phone there service is,nt service it,s a bad joke

  7. I can’t seem to get online and go to right place, I would like to add minutes with credit card like I always do can you help me

  8. I just recently submitted, in this comment section, that my phone had been stolen & that it be turned off immediately. Also, requesting receiving a replacement asap. I need a phone for variouse reasons. The doctors, lawyer and various other contacts of importance. Not even to mention, personal. The brother. And other important contacts. I submitted. I typed in the requested info. First name.(not last) email address. I didn’t however, include the phone number of the stolen phone, I am requesting to be disconnected. The field was provided. So there for I didn’t type it in this section. Was I supposed too? How will you know who I am? You have my first name & email. But not my last name, last for digits of my S.S. number. Contact me, via email asap, to take care of this matter. Thanks. I will give my mailing address, and any other requested information, when I know what is required and whom I am dealing with. And, what will result in my cooperation; ie. Stolen phone turned off. Replacement sent to me. At what cost? And, will I still get 250 free minutes/ text, every month?

  9. I just came home from prison after being incarcerated over two decades. I receive government assistance (i.e. food stamps & medical assistance). I’ve attempted to apply on several occasions for a free government phone through stand up wireless, but they keep telling me I already have a life line phone. This is impossible! I or no one in my household has a life line phone. What can I do or who can I speak with to settle this discrepancy?


  10. I want to know where I could get a replacement charger for my free phone and where there is a location for replacing the changer and is it going to be free or how much do I have to pay for the replacement changer.

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