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  1. I bought a $25 Virtual Visa Gift card and it is not accepted anywhere. Where the hell can I use this? I’d rather have a WalMart Gift card if I can exchange it.

  2. I ordered a 50.00 Walmart card its in my gift cards ,I need the pin num.so I can order off line. I am home bound I would love to get this. I have been doing swagbucks for over 3 years never had any problem until now.

  3. I ordered a microwave from walmart.com through swag buck and got no gems or away to remedy this. now I gave 25 dollars to wildlife conservation for 2000 gems I have not yet got. Vegas world sent me to you for free gems. I also tried to buy counter stools yesterday going through swagbucks. swagbucks took me to overstock overstock to me to hayneedle and heyneedle couldn’t help me pull up the item I wanted to buy I looked at my computer there was about ten windows opened just to get to hayneedle. I had to cancel and go hayneedle directly which I guess is ok sence I can’t contact you and this whole swagbucks get free gems for Vegas world seem to be bogus.

  4. I had earned over 300 swagbucks through purchases and completing surveys, etc. Then, suddenly they were reduced to only 65! I had not done anything to redeem them. I sent two e-mails to their customer service, and called the phone number given–but no one has responded to my e-mails, and the phone number is basically a recording. I am closing my account with them.

  5. At least YOU got yours! I don’t get the email for the code! I email them 2-3 times a week and they send me the stupid directions on how to hit the resend email button! DAH!!!!! I email them back that I do that and need the eamil code emailed to me! Yeah…….. I’ll never see it and it was suppossed to be part of a gift!

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