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  1. I, too recently bought a swifter wet jet. After repeated charging it will not oporate. It comes on and then immediately shuts itself off. What is the solution?

  2. I have had the same problem. The first Swiffer I bought years ago was great but it finally gave out after many uses (we had four teenagers at one time). I bought a second one and it never worked so took it back to WalMart and got a replacement. I have had this replacement for less than a year. Our kids are now gone so I do not scrub my floors nearly as often and the sprayer will not longer work. I will be very hesitant to purchase another one or to recommend it.

  3. I have had the same problem with an extra one–the solution I have been using doesn’t clean, it streaks!! What’s going on Swiffer Jet? The first time I used it, It was working just fine. Now, I don’t know what the problem is with the solution. I am very upset as I have recommended this to my friends. Want to give me the answer?

  4. Bought stiffer Texture wet cloth trap n lock and the package was not sealed proper it had one of the pads in the upper lip didn’t notice till I came home and it was to late. They were all dried out box number 3700083051

  5. I have purchased two swifter we jets and after several uses the handle beaks off- if the handle has been improved how can I tell the difference ?

    or how about a discount coupon if I by another swifter wet jet !

    an answer would be appreciated

  6. I am getting ready to order my third swifter sweeper. I love them but in a years time or sooner the battery will not be able to keep running in the areas I need to vacuum. They do great at first. Do I just chalk it up and buy another which I will do and can I safely give this one to my future daughter-in-law who has a very small area to vacuum.

  7. Are the wet swifter clothes bad for your pets,I understand the solution on the clothes can cause renal failure over a period of time? Please answer asap,thanks

  8. I don’t purchase swiffer products because according to your advertisements, it appears that your company feeds into societal stereotypes. In other words, regardless of the age of the people featured in the commercial if they are CAUCASIAN then there is a HUSBAND AND A WIFE or a MOTHER AND A FATHER, however, if the people are AFRICAN AMERICAN then there is either a AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN with a child/children or a AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN with a child/children. I have not seen any of your advertisements that featured an african american couple, there was the one armed man that was part of a INTERRACIAL couple, but that was it.I realize that I am just one opinion, which you are probably going to ignore , but at least i shared it.

  9. I am on my second swifter Wet Jet. the first one worked for a couple months and then the sprayer on one side quit. I continued to use it but it was difficult to get enough liquid. My husband put air through it from his compressor and it worked for a bit longer and then quit completely. I went out and bought a second one. guess what ? It only lasted for about 4-5 uses and clogged up. I am now sitting here with 3 bottles of solution and a mop that does not work. My husband forbids me to go and buy another one. The comercials make it look like such a good thing. boy is it wrong.

  10. I love most Swiffer products. However, the wet mop liquid leaves my kitchen floor sticky and my slippers do not move as I do. I am 94 and do not want to fall. Do you have an answer to this sticky problem?

  11. your commrecila with the bells is horrible improper grammer is not what children need to hear my son is now adding the letter s to everything he says thanks to your stupid commercial if he does not stop I will contact an attorney to have you pay for his schooling

  12. Why are the swiffer vac filter refills goon on clearance? I am having a hard time finding them in our local discount stores. Are they being discontinued?

  13. I like your Swiffer sweeper wet mopping refills–however; I am not that happy with the handle and pad holder. When I retired I took over the task of floor cleaning. The handles are not made strong enough. I have broken quite a few–I repaired some (duct tape) but the problem lies where plastic and metal are joined–and the swivel portion (that part over the years have improved) but it still pops out occasionally. When I hear my door bell ring I keep expecting a box of your products at my door.. No such luck.. My wife uses and likes your 360 dusters. We will see if you make any improvements. Thanks

  14. I want to thank for your products especially the Dry Cloths. I do not only for the floor but also for dusting. Lately I used the cloth with the sweeper and dusted my windows before using the Windex. This how I clean my windows and I do not have use the step ladder-first I dust than I use a paper towel and attach to the sweeper spray the window and than clean. It works just great for.

    Again Thank You.

  15. Mine worked twice and just quit! The cleaning solution is expensive. I like to clean with vinegar instead of chemicals, but I did get the swiffer for quick emergency cleaning. A big mistake.

  16. I purchased a wet jet and really liked it for my floors. The other day I was using it and the handle snapped! I have had it for a while so of course I no longer have my sales slip to return. The handle really needs to be made stronger. It took me a while to save the money to buy it and now I’m very disappointed. Can you help to replace it please?

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