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  1. Wow! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH ANYTHING!!! I also was scammed on March 5, 2012 – and I know better – but I am a struggling nursing student and thought the $2000 they offered would really help me with tuition and other needs at present. My scenario is exactly the same as what the other victims on this thread have posted regarding the Wal-Mart debit cards, the Wal-Mart money pack, etc. In short, I lost $220.00 to these people. I have filed greivances with Wal-Mart, “GE Money Bank”, and filed a full police report and WILL PURSUE to the fullest of my abilities. The “names” of the foreign dudes who scammed me were “Shane Watson” – “Kelvin Anderson” – and “Jose – the ‘supervisor”…supposedly located in Tampa, Florida. If any of you fellow scam victims were provided with these names, etc – please post so that I can pursue further with my criminal pursuit of these people. I have never felt so totally and completely stupid in my entire life!!

  2. GE MONEY BANK has charged me late fee 9 times in the last year the same day payment is posted… I call wait 38 minutes for them to tell me that they can not do anything about the late fees when the check was preocessed the day of the payment at my bank. I want to be included in the class action law suits/

  3. They are INSANE at this company!! My loan has been paid almost a full month in advance since Feb 2013!! and STILL they can’t figure it out and add late charges and fees!! TOTAL INCOMPETENCE ON THE PHONE! I make my payments the 3rd week of the month FOR THE FOLLOWING MONTH… one rep told me that was too early to register the next months payment.. so I moved it one week closer to closing date and NOW THEY HARRAS ME DAILY.. sometimes 5 or 6 times a day!! saying payment is LATE!! ??????? Come on.. IF the foreign speaking reps can’t figure it out and be decent on the tele.. FIRE THEM!!

    I will be looking for someone else to take over this loan ASAP.. thanks for nothing GE money bank..

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