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  1. LOVE my Tappan microwave!!! it’s 33 years old, still looks like new and works perfectly. We recently updated appliances, my microwave being the last to be replaced. It’s a sad day. Thank you Tappan! Wishing all appliances were manufactured as well. Cindy

  2. Hi, I have purchased older mobile home with a Tappan built in double oven, with the old Yellow/olive color (probably 1960 – 1970’s vintage) Model # M11-1331, Serial # 26/51198-34. Works fine, my question is; How do I remove the two doors, I have bought an appliance paint (white) and am going to try & obliterate the obscene current color (my only negative with this fine oven). It will be much easier to paint the two doors if I can remove & lay flat.
    Thanks in advance
    Bill Hanson

  3. TAPPAN electric ranges are the biggest pieces of crap ever made.
    the house I bought had a brand new TAPPAN ELECTRIC RANGE in it when moved in.
    In less than 6 months, the oven element went out and cost me 150 to have replaced.
    3 months later the clock/control panel went out costing 275 to have replaced.
    Less than 9 months later the clock / control panel went out again so I unplugged it and took it to the dump.

    Unfortunately my wife bought ANOTHER TAPPAN while I was at work, and now 4 months later — THE CLOCK / CONTROL PANEL WENT OUT AGAIN!

  4. I just wanted to tell you that every week I clean the 1949 Tappan gas range at my sister’s farm kitchen while she sells breads, pies, cookies, and produce at a local farm market. Most of the cooking she does on this old range, which is in fantastic shape. She also has another oven and uses the wood stove for some cooking, such as boiling down maple sap. I’m not sure where she got this, but she has been using it a number of years now. She is missing one burner guard. I think that was missing when she found this stove for sell somewhere. She is very proud of it. I just thought you’d like to know that you still have a 1949 gas range out there that is in constant use.
    Jeannine Stacy..

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