Target Red Card


Target Visa and Red Card Call: 1-888-755-5856
Target Debit Card: 1-888-729-7331
Target Business Card: 1-800-618-6881
Outside the US Call Collect: 1-612-307-8622

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7 Replies to “Target Red Card”

  1. lousy service,called for 3 days ,cant sign in on new web page to pay,held for for 4 hours ,finaly got s untrained emp that could not do or help,will not be shoping at target any more,always a bunch of B.S

    1. lousy web page! brand new account only used one time and it was impossible to pay it on line. totally frustrated . I had go in to the store and payoff card. and they put it on my credit!
      only 30days of trying to pay the dang card in the 1st place.

  2. I’ve been a card holder since 2010, and I have a credit score above 800. I shop at Target frequently. I had an automatic payment set up with my bank to pay off the card every month. A few months ago, Target changed the card number (updated it) without notifying me. My automatic payment no longer went through, and now my card is 4 months past due, with almost 150 dollars in late fees. I am more than willing to pay off the amount I owe, but I will not pay the late fees. I just explained this to someone on the Target “customer service” line and they refused to even consider letting me pay the full amount, minus the late fees. I will never shop at Target ever again, and I will advise everyone I know to never shop at Target ever again. It is such a pity that they lack any semblance of customer service and are willing to lose very good customers over a few late fees.

  3. Ladies & Gentlemen:

    I have written you several times before and never received a response. I was charged $30 for a closed account return charge. The reason the account was closed was that I was advised to change account numbers after the Target security breach. I think I was misled by the person I spoke to on the phone. I used to be a very happy Target customer and just can’t state Walmart, but at this point, I won’t any longer if I am not given a $30 credit for this account. I paid this charge on my new account at my bank and got a new Target redcard. After this, I received another Target letter telling me that $30 was for a returned fee charged. I have been told several times over the phone that this must be referred to some “research committee” and I will receive a letter from them, but I have never received any letters. I cannot believe that you would risk losing a good customer because of this, especially in light of the publicity given the recent Target security breach.

    Terri Curry Peace

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