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9 Replies to “Taste of Home Magazine”

  1. Hello All You People that are constantly being bombarded by TASTE OF HOMEhere is the number you can call

    yet I wish You luck getting thru it took me awhile

    1 800-344-6913

    don’t be surprised if you get the run-around before you finally get to a “live person”

    Good Luck All!;

  2. I give this company less than one star-

    I have repeatedly send the notices that You have sent to me back to you, and YOU do nothing about it…..

    It’s NOT my fault you are having trouble getting people to subscribe, however, the more you pester me, You will get no where.. and I am going to look into suing you for harassing me

  3. Have subcrised to toh for many yrs & have kept all issues. Am missing 1 of my favorites featuring muffins on cover from mid 2000’s prior to 2005. Can u help find me this issue?

  4. I as well received a letter stating that I was going to start getting magazines & be billed for them & I never signed up for this? You’re lucky I’m going to try to call, I have half a notion to let your company lose $ sending me stuff that’s going straight to the trash bin… Wasting my time & yours.

  5. I had ordered 2 subscriptions…one for me and one for my granddaughter…got my magazine,but my granddaughter only got one issue…and I keep getting renewal offers every month…and I ordered August 14,2013…I can’t get anyone to help me…and I ordered in my name not my husbands…so why dose he get my bill???and they still own my granddaughter 5 issues…never had any problems with Paula Deens subscriptions…

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