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  1. I called this morning to make my final payment. I spoke with Natasha Wilson, it took more than 20 minutes just to receive my final quote. Apparently when making your last payment to must pass through security questions that are ridiculous.I never answered the questions correctly ie. Where did you purchase the vehicle what year, where were you employed. I mean this was s mockery of a financial institution. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told that I did not answer the security question correctly so I would and could not be transferred. In addition,miss Wilson stated that they only have 6 employees. Wow, this is corporate America. What an embarrassment.I will never and suggest not to use TD Auto as your financier.Poor customer service, incompetence I do not trust this company.

  2. The Web sites are a joke, there is no communication with this company unless its to make a on line payment. That is if you can get into your account. I will mail it and if its not posted in my time I’m not paying a late fee.

  3. I am trying to get hold of someone to talk about keeping my vehicle after I did totaled it last month. I was put on hold for 1:15 minutes before someone picking up and told me that wasn”t her dept. then she transfer me another number, and it is still same situation. The worse ever financing company I have ever to deal with to do my business.

  4. Been trying to get thru for days to find out if they received my last payment and when the title will be sent.

    Went to branch and teller tried to call. I finally left and they called back that they need me there to verify information. The automated system will not give me the information I seek.

    Poor service. The only thing that matters is that the CEO gets his 80 million dollar bonus

  5. July 26, 2106, at 9:55 a.m. : I was really scared when I read all the comments about Customer Service with T D Auto Finance.

    I was needing to call them in regards to my recent purchase that was financed through T D.

    Long story short, I was on hold for about eight minutes before I was able to speak with Customer Service, I spoke with a young lady by the name of Aisha, # 35350…. talk about great CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! This young lady was very polite, helpful, and listened to my every concern / WORD! Aisha, took care of my problem, I hope that there will not be a need to call T D Customer Service back, in the future, but if need be… I’ll be asking for Aisha, and I let her know also that I would.

    I also made sure to compliment her, about her awesome CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

    THANK YOU… Aisha & T D, for serving my needs so politely, courteous, etc…. THANK YOU!!!!


  6. This place must only hire the rudest people. They are not helpful. And don’t ask for a monthly statement because they would have to buy a stamp. RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!!!!!

  7. This place must only hire the rudest people. They are not helpful. And don’t ask for a monthly statement because they would have to buy a stamp. RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!!!!!

  8. This has got to be the worst finance company out there today. I paid off my vehicle on 9-18-15. They still owe me a refund back for over payment. After sitting on the phone several times for a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes at a time all I get is the run around and the same line time after time. Your check has been processed. Here it is now 45 day delinquent and I still have not received my money. Us as a paying customer are charged interest compounded daily plus a late fee if we are late do you think I will get the same from them…. ABSOULTLY not…. I cant even get what they owe me. IS THERE A ZERO STAR RATING….


  10. I called last week and was on hold for over forty minutes, without ever getting through. I did hear that my phone call was very important to them though. That wasn’t very reassuring after the tenth time I heard it. Today I was on hold for over fifteen minutes before I hung up. I guess I’ll try tomorrow AM at opening. They have no rite calling it a “customer service department”.

  11. absolutely aweful, wish there was a spot for zero stars…refinanced my car last year only to find out TD was paid BUT NEVER TOOK THEIR LEIN OFF THE TITLE, NOR SENT A LEIN RELEASE LETTER, now im fighting with TD for the letter (6-8 business days) and my current bank who jacked up my rate by 10% B/C they werent on the title as the lein holder….more then craped.

  12. I have waited 25 minutes to speak to someone about my loan to n o avail or answer. I am very frustrated & will cancel doing business with you. This makes me feel like this finance company is not competent.


  13. What a piece of crap of a auto finance company..cannot get through to request payoff amount.. Put on hold for 45 minutes at a time.. give up… the robotic tells me my payoff amount and I can’t understand a word… Never do business if you can help it…. will be going to the dealership tomorrow to get a piece of someone’s ass..

  14. i have called several times and have not been able to talk a person. i need to get interest paid for last year and also a monthly statement, how in the hell am i going to get what i need if nobody will talk to me.

  15. Was on hold for over 67 minutes. Worst customer service ever. The repeating message stated customers could access their accounts on-line. I attempted and was given the message that I did not have access/authorization to do that. I finally got someone and was hung up on before I was completely satisfied with the answer. I have called again but am not holding out much hope. I have only had the loan for 2 months but am seriously thinking of refinancing with someone local.

  16. Can I give a zero rating? They send me an obscure letter in the mail asking me to call and then when I call I can’t get through to anyone…very frustrating.

  17. I need to know, if I trade my car, do I have amounts that I have paid for express care, or extended warranty or gap insurance, etc., that would be funded to me. Please give me the amount of each.

  18. I have never done business with this outfit, yet I receive several phone calls a day ( as many as seven) “demanding” I contact them by such and such an hour that day. I am never given a reason for the call or the need for the call back. Recent callers from them have left a name and number with their extension #. I call that number and I get an auto response phone tree, but first I have to affirm the spelling of the first 5 letters of my last name, which they get wrong. When I say it is not me, I am asked, by a robot, for critical info…birthday, ss# and account #. That is NOT going to happen and I have no account. I don’t even get to the point where I can reach the name with the extension. I have contacted my state attorney general and was advised to file a harassment complaint. Going to do that now.

    I don’t know if this is a scam or just harassment or incompetence. Based on this experience I would never do business with them

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