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  1. I called this morning to make my final payment. I spoke with Natasha Wilson, it took more than 20 minutes just to receive my final quote. Apparently when making your last payment to must pass through security questions that are ridiculous.I never answered the questions correctly ie. Where did you purchase the vehicle what year, where were you employed. I mean this was s mockery of a financial institution. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told that I did not answer the security question correctly so I would and could not be transferred. In addition,miss Wilson stated that they only have 6 employees. Wow, this is corporate America. What an embarrassment.I will never and suggest not to use TD Auto as your financier.Poor customer service, incompetence I do not trust this company.

  2. The Web sites are a joke, there is no communication with this company unless its to make a on line payment. That is if you can get into your account. I will mail it and if its not posted in my time I’m not paying a late fee.

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