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TeleCheck provides industry-leading check acceptance, check processing and risk analytics services to thousands of retailers and financial institutions. For nearly 40 years, TeleCheck has safeguarded businesses and financial institutions from check-related losses and fraud.

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  1. My check wouldn’t go thru at Walmart. I called the number I was given and was told that a computer program decides that the check shouldn’t go thru. I kept try to get an explanation as to how can a computer decide if my check goes thru or not? Explained that I write a lot of checks and they shouldn’t have the authority to deny me. The answers he gave me did not make any sense. Wanted to talk to a supervisor and her put me back in “Que”. HORRIBLE SERVICE

  2. 0k.. i JUST TRIED TO CALL Telecheck two times. As a VICTIM of check Forging…from 5 YEARS ago…I am very P.O’d. The call was DROPPED or hung up on twice. I am not calling back again. These people are the WORST. This is the 4th time I’ve tried to get a resolution.

  3. I changed banks because of the bank’s repeated errors. When spring tried to enter my new bans’s numbers, telecheck refused to acknowledge Bank of America. After several tries on their automated answering system, I finally got ahold of a human, who spoke broken English. Seems that my new bank account has no history with telecheck. Wonder how a brand new checking account (check #2) could have history. The person at telecheck acknowledged this but that’s telecheck’s protocol. Does this sound like “Catch 22”? I agree with the other comments, how could any reputable business deal with a wreck like telecheck?

  4. Have not been able to write a check at any retail stores this month that use telecheck…Customer service is a joke at best. Can someone help, the bank says its a telecheck glitch, embarrassing at the least. Can someone help.

  5. checks declined at local stores since 05-01-2018. Nothing the bank can do for me, said it is a telecheck issue. Still no help, said it would take 72 hours to clear. The rep. told me this morning I should hear something in 30 days….Never had an issue with this account in over 38 years. Being declined at 4 stores in one day is kind of embarrassing to say the least, now its the weekend with out being able to write a check. I have talked to have been very rude

  6. Telecheck and Wal-Mart have both botched this from A-Z. Telecheck wanted personal information that they have no business getting and they refused to call the local Police Dept to get the 1st hand information that is in the filed police report… Really??? I’m just getting warmed up concerning Telecheck who (also) refused me sending them requested information via “encrypted” email… again… Really???

  7. In my opinion, Telecheck is a complete joke. Someone stole a check that I then reported to the local police, in the meantime Wal-Mart sent this to Telecheck to collect the money. So Wal-Mart is as guilty and as incompetent in all of this as Telecheck. Telecheck is requesting personal information to close the case and has refused several of my requests that they just call the person at the local Police Dept about the Report I filed with them. Really? Not only that, but Telecheck refused to put me in touch with their Research Dept on this. Really? Not only that, but Telecheck will not receive an encrypted email with much of the information they need, like a copy of the carbon page out of my check book showing the check was written to AT&T, not Wal-Mart. So, I had to drive to UPS and pay ~$6 to fax the file with the information that should help them. Then I couldn’t confirm with Telecheck if the Fax was received. A simple call to the local Police Dept, that I readily supplied to them, is mind blowing to me. If you can’t trust the Police Dept, really?

  8. “after receiving a letter from Telecheck I thought scam especially after reading the interweb. my letter stated it was a “”failed ECA transaction””. I called telecheck and couldn’t reach anyone and the number I was to call didn’t match anything on their website.

    I visited here and found some useful advice. I called 1800-366-2425 and used Rachels method option#1, #3, #1 and got a live telecheck operator. I told him the number didn’t match anything on their website so e asked for my reference #. I gave him the number and he said the letter was valid and gave me TRS Recoverys real phone #, its 1-800-366-1049 that will get you through to a live operator as well. the lady was very nice and surprisingly friendly. having dealt with LVNV before it was quite a shock. anyway I hope this number and method helps”

  9. This company is a joke. They have no idea what they are doing and can not explain what they are even talking about. Tried to write a check in ala and they declined it saying im connected some how to North Carolina. What ???

  10. Tried to pay Sprint bill with checking account was declined because of telecheck. I don’t know why any company uses them as they clearly suck. It would not accept the payment. I called them and they said due to no history that they would have to reset on their side and it would take 7 days!!! 7 whole days!!! this is not good business at all.

  11. Check was declined twice at local grocery. Was given the 800-366-2425 number to call. After being prompted by an automated system to use my phone to type in my check number, MM/DD/YY, amount of the check, the denial record #, routing number, account number and check number again and then the automated voice requested me to do it all over again. I lost patience and did what Galen stated and actually reached someone whose English was pretty bad by the way, nonetheless I did get a live person. But with the broken English, I’m still struggling to understand why my check was declined. The only clue that I have is that the Telecheck rep kept saying the words “update in the computer system.” So I’m guessing they didn’t update my info and was the reason why it was declined.

  12. My check was declined, when I called the said it was due to the fact I did not exist. I have perfect credit, own my house, no debit, own all my cars, own two companies aling with have a professional career, and three college degrees but I do not exist? This company is a joke. All the companies that use them I refuse to shop at and posted it to all of my thousands of clients! It’s tele a checks clients lost because I spend a lot of money and will not use any of their clients now.

  13. rejected my check; the clerk at Home Depot says “the check machine does that” and that he has nothing to do with it. The store manager said I could call Telecheck and he gave me the number 1-888-812-9590;

    that is a robot for whom I entered all information up until the time they asked me for a 7-digit number, but I could not understand what the 7-digit number was supposed to be, from what or where to find it, and the call would not go through to reach a live person, despite my saying “representative, please” and alternatively pressing “0” for an operator. We used a credit card to order the item, now I am paying interest on the charged item – which has not even been shipped out to Home Depot yet. Paying interest on several thousands of dollars, when I have the money we saved for large purchases just setting in our bank account but “Telecheck” preents us from using our checks.

  14. WalMarts just suddenly stopped taking my checks after 40 yrs. If it’s that stupid collection agency, well, that has been paid off at the source. Check the records. You’re itching for a big lawsuit. DUMP TELECHECK NOW!!

  15. Just got turned down twice,, once for groceries and then for medications. The last time I took the slip with the telephone number on an called. Finally got a live person but was only told to write a check for less than one hundred and fifty seven dollars, the amount of the last check. This was to set up a history of my check writing, even though we have been writing check on this account for a long time. When asked just how much I should write the check for, the person would not tell me and finally hung up on me, even though I assured her that I wasn’t angry with her and that I only wanted a specifed amout to write the check for. I’ll now ask the business if they are using telecheck to clear their checks, if so, will decline to do business with them.

  16. 8/7/2014 – Going thru the same situation! This is the American way – getting screwed as always!!! We work our butts off and we get now where!! Customer Service anymore totally sucks!!! This company obviously has a hold on us and none of us can get through to get answers!! It is totally embarrassing and yes, we may have screwed up our checking somewhere along the line but we also paid out of our asses to get things resolved but mishaps keep happening with this company!!! it’s total BULLcrap!!!

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