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TeleCheck provides industry-leading check acceptance, check processing and risk analytics services to thousands of retailers and financial institutions. For nearly 40 years, TeleCheck has safeguarded businesses and financial institutions from check-related losses and fraud.

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  1. I received an invoice for January from Telecheck stating that my company had a credit balance. We have not used telecheck since 2010 and this is the first we have received something from them. I called the number and they kept transferring me around until I talked to a lady that told me she say that we made a payment in January toward an account that has been inactive sine 2010. I assured her that we did not send Telecheck a check for over 4k. She told me at that time she was going to pass my information and question along to her “gaming” department and they would get back to me. Well, time passed and I forgot about the invoice until I received another one today stating the exact same thing. I called the number on the invoice …. and again had to explain the whole story … and the person on the other end said that she did not understand why we had the credit and since wer are a casino she was going to have to transfer me to their gaming department. After being on hold for a while a gentleman answer who was not in the gaming department and after I explained the who story again he said he was going to transfer me to the correct department. So to bring a sad story to an even sadder conclusion, they transferred me to a company called “Avery” something or other. When I was talking to that gentleman he started arguing with me stating that there was no way I could have called Telecheck. I just got frustrated and hung up. My thought is they credited our dormant account with another companys payment and are probably harassing them to pay their bill.

  2. We tried to pay by check at Best Buy. Telecheck rejected our check. My husband called the number to find out why and how to get them to accept it, but not only did he get a rep. who couldn’t speak understandable English, she refused to transfer the call to someone who could and refused to help us resolve the issue. I felt so sorry for the salesperson at Best Buy, he was at a loss as to what to do about it. Basically Telecheck lost a $2200 deal for Best Buy Corporation. I have already filed a complaint with Best Buy. Hopefully they will switch to a more logical company who actually cares about customer service.

  3. I was looking up information about Telecheck and found all these comments. I was recently scammed when somehow a charge of over $400.00 was made at our local Sears & Roebuck. It was converted to an electronic debit of my checking account. I always make credit card purchases at Sears and have not made any purchases there for about 2 years. I have never had a credit account set up with them either. I have purchased things that were delivered to my home, so they did have my home address somewhere in their records. But, I have never purchased anything by check so they should not have my checking account number period. Something very strange is going on here. My bank issued a dispute claim with Telecheck and returned the missing funds to my account. I called Telecheck’s number and a recording explained all the personal information I would have to give them. I’m reluctant to do that. I’m waiting to see what happens next.

  4. Why is my check being declared from Walmart? ever time I call them they say I have to call Telecheck this company sucks they should have nothing to do with the check at all. I need this mess cleared up now

  5. Wow…the Customer Service for either the 888 288 0131 or 800 366 2425 (both heavy foreign accents) is awful. I had a problem with Kohl’s account that they have rejected my checking account number while trying to pay my bill online. Kohl’s gave me the first number to call. After I had to enter my social security number twice, then they wanted my name address and I gave them that, then they wanted my date of birth and driver license…I didn’t feel comfortable doing that so I looked online and got and they gave me 1-800-366-1049, so I called it. This is a collection agency and she tried to help (could not find anything with my name, social etc) but gave this number to call 800 366 2425. The Rep kept telling me that for fraudulent charges that I have to have my bank do a conference call with them before they can give me any other information. I said there wasn’t any fraudulent charges, he kept saying there was and bank must have put the stop on…very frustrating!!!

  6. I am really disappointed with this company. I was declined twice in one week. When I called the 800 number, the questions asked kept repeating themselves. I keyed in all required information, but got nowhere. This was embarrassing to me because I know there was plenty of money to cover these two checks. I can’t even talk to a human. It’s all recordings. How am I supposed to clear my name if I can’t even fix it like they want me to. Bad business. This is a sham.

  7. i have been writing check to food lion for 30 plus years 1 or more per week no problem until they started using telcheck will not cash my check not enough data for my account BULLXXXX that would be 1560 checks thought i had it clear last week and it happen again yesterday. Can not get to talk to anyone at TELCHECK If I was a business owner I would NOT use the check system it sucks and some business such as Food Lion will be losing good customers. AGAIN I WOULD NEVER EVER USE TELECHECK

  8. had my check book stolen last December. Albertsons was stupid enough to cash a 446.00 check without an ID. I had closed my account before it went through as there were other checks. this was a criminal case and this check is the only one that still appears when trying to write checks. their automated was very annoying and never got to a resolve point

  9. If I could rate 0 stars for Telecheck support, I would.

    I had one question about my Telecheck machine’s function. I was connected to a rude woman (whom did not give her name). She kept letting out agitated “sighs” every time I replied with information she requested. She acted like I was bothering her.

    She ended up not having the information I needed, so I was forwarded to an equally unhelpful woman whom I could barely understand. I did not have my problem solved because I could barely understand her.

    Telecheck, please train your employees to be at least friendly.

  10. hard to get thru, slips at store does not explain what happened that the check was declined . I just leave the basket full of food there . this happens to me everyother time I use a check along with funds in my Im being charged for a check that never existed,my bank doest even have it dostuffented as every other check that didn’t go I get a $30 fee not this time .this has to be looked into.

  11. My problems are the same as everyone else. How can a case law suit be started since many of us can’t afford an attorney? I do not understand how merchants can continue to use telecheck. Would it be possible to get together with others who are writing in to complain to see about a case suit? I really don’t know where else to go. I got disconnected twice today after going through all their menu hoops before I reached a supervisor. She told me I had written two checks in quick succession and the numbers weren’t in sequence, so they declined the second one. I had sent my husband with two checks out of the checkbook–one for Walgreen’s and one for K’Mart. He presented the one numbered “19” at Walgreen’s, then a few minutes later, number “18” at KMart. That one was declined. We are elderly–he had to come home to get the money–then there’s the embarrassment. Strangely enough, the first two representatives didn’t come remotely close to the real reason–that took operator number 3–I knew the first two were wrong because they told me that I was declined because I had reported a lost or stolen check last January, which I knew I had not. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, both agents hung up on me. Has anyone tried the Better Business Bureau?

  12. Telecheck sucks. I went to Walmart to return a gift item that I had no use for. Walmart used telecheck and they refused to give me a refund….so stupid. They said I had a bad check, I have plenty of money and I have never written a bad check, I don’t even carry a checkbook. I tried calling telecheck but it’s all automated. Walmart lost our business and I’m telling everyone about it.

  13. Honestly these code numbers are a buch of any way I was rejected because I to was told I had written to many checks either these merchants want our money or not. Telecheck is a ripoff..I called them all they could say was im sorry and in the same breath tell me that they cant do anything about it.I hope some one brings a lawsuit against them .

  14. It is so frustrating, embarrassing and humiliating to go shopping and the cashier says, “Sorry your check is declined”; and you know you have sufficient funds in your account to cover it.

    This is a total inconvenience to me because now I have to leave my groceries and waste time trying to investigate why my check was declined.

    Why am I penalized for an error caused by the store.

    I am penalized and no one can tell me how long I will have to go through this so called evaluation. I should not be the one being evaluated.

    To be told I must be evaluated an rebuild my “history”…what history? Is there anyone who can pre approve my check? I don’t write bad checks! Tel check records should reflect that!

  15. This is a horrible company, someone need to go into this company and wipe it out and start over with real employees who likes to help consumers. I called twice this morning, the first person acted like she couldn’t hear me and hung up, the second person answered and hung up as soon as I said hello. You are already dealing with a frustrating situation and told to you have to call them to fix the problem. They actually make the situation even worse.

  16. I don’t keep a debt card because it was stolen once, I hate when I get to the checkout and they say “Sorry your check was declined” I know I have the money – but a check is the only thing I use. I hate TeleCheck for this reason. What am I suppose to do? I work M-F 8am-6pm the banks are closed.

  17. We write checks at least twice a week at Walmart. Went grocery shopping on 09/15/2015, wrote my check and it was declined. When I called the telecheck number to inquire, I was told it was nothing to do with my current account but my drivers license number was linked to an account on Trustmark bank. I told them that three and a half years ago I was on an account with my parents when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The account was closed after my mothers passing. I ask what the problem was and was told they needed me to verify account information. I was able to give them everything they ask for except my dad’s drivers license number. I told them that both of my parents were deceased. They then said I needed to send them copies of their death certificates, drivers licenses, voided check on that account, affidavit letter from Trustmark bank that the account was closed and when. I told them if there was an issue that needed to be resolved they needed to tell me the issue. They responded they could not disclose any information on the account, that I needed to fill out the forms they were sending ( forgery, identity theft) and return them with the copies of the requested information.

    How am I suppose to resolve a problem if they will not tell me what the problem is? And, yes I have made an appointment with my attorney to file suit.

  18. Same checking account since 1988 – same personal info on check – wrote $200 check a week ago, accepted – wrote one yesterday for $200, declined- said I hadn’t developed a spending ‘history’ with Telecheck – been shopping at same store since it opened years ago – not sure how much more history I need to develop. Telecheck told me I had an excellent rating with checks verified through them – so it seems excellent rating qualified me for a declined check. Totally get the system’s intent, but it is quite embarrassing to be declined and not be given a valid reason. Perhaps asking for a valid ID might have helped, but the clerk didn’t ask. My biggest issue is they do not communicate with the bank before making their decision. Will send a letter to the company, but I doubt it will make any difference. Rep said she updated my history – we shall see! I appeal to Telecheck to refine your process so as not to single out responsible shoppers.

  19. I give this company three chances over the years and that’s it.Today my wife came through walmart and .got the same runaround about a check.They said this check is no good.Talk about being embarrassed.i have had it with this company I will seek legal advice and go from there.

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