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TeleCheck provides industry-leading check acceptance, check processing and risk analytics services to thousands of retailers and financial institutions. For nearly 40 years, TeleCheck has safeguarded businesses and financial institutions from check-related losses and fraud.

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  1. i went into home depo tried to buy a tool box handed them my check they said you turned it down my telecheck shows a number my social is 123 i have never in 74 years of living wrote one bad check my account at sun trust in saint augustine my checking acc number 123 my phone number is 123 my cell is 1234 i own the home at 123 rd it is worth $185,000.

    i own the home at 123 with 3 acres i rent out for $650.00 a month i owe not one nickle on either one please call me on my cell and tell me this was a mistake

  2. I attempted to purchase 2 cartons of cigarettes at cheap smokes which I have done for at least 2 years and My check was denied. I called and when I eventually got a real person I was told the $72.13 check was to much for me to write at this establishment. I to my knowledge have never had a returned check and I am 76 yrs old, and I had plenty of money in my account. what right do you have to decline a check when it would have definitely

    have cleared. I was so embarresed and came home in tears thinking my checking account had been scammed or something was wrong and it was because I attempted to buy 2 cartons instead of one to save a trip. How stupid are your rules that I cant spend my own money the way I want?????

  3. I paid a tax bill on line using Telecheck and the money was took out of my account twice! Tried calling one of the many 800 numbers only to listen to a bunch of prompts. When I finally got an actual person to explain my situation to it was someone who couldn’t speak very good English much less understand it. I was told to write a letter explaining what took place and fax it to their ” Resolution Department “. After they receive this information then I have to wait 30 days for a response. They took MY money out of MY account in a split second, now I have to wait 30 days to try to get it back? I will never use this company again and I will discourage any one else to. My next call will be to the BBB!

  4. I can’t believe a company like this exists. No reason for check deny ,can not reach a real person. I put my information 3 x and the robot kept looping. As another person commented, I will not shop at any store that uses telecheck. I will also be complaining to better business

  5. I spoke with a Indian speaking person this morning because the check I wrote was declined, this young person was rude would not connect me with a

    an English speaking person and continue talking and would not let me get a word in, It is a federal law that when you ask to speak t0 an English person you are to be connected right then. Telecheck is another one of those companies that think they can treat you anyway they choose. I think everyone should contact the government and complaint on their behavior. They tell you that they will release the decline in 7 to 10 days. I am calling my congressman and seeing what can be done

  6. Check refused, no reason given. Called next Day 09/05/16. Customer service, laughable, no help just a bunch of bad Indian accented confusion. Told Me they are updating My records. They never had My records. They wanted to pay the check to the company after I used a credit card. Guess they can’t understand English as much as I don’t understand Hindi. Over and over and over the confused conversation continued. What does One have to do to get satisfaction. I know, I will call the store and will not patronize them while they have this service.

  7. Thought I was all set, wasted time on the phone the other day after a check of mine at a Best Buy store was refused. Then I called back the next day, talked to another (really nice) gal, she took a lot of information and told me I was all set. Went back to Best Buy today to get the items, wrote another check — and it was refused. What oh WHAT kind of an operation is this? And Best Buy’s attitude…there’s nothing we can do. Yeah? How about you tell TeleCheck to stick it and purge them from your business. Oh well, one of the items I already got at WalMart, tomorrow I’ll go to Office Depot and get the other. I surely would have to think twice about EVER buying anything from Best Buy again.

  8. My experience is the same as others reviews! My check was denied with no “code” for the reason of denial. I knew there was plenty of money in my checking account to cover the amount. I called the 800 number to determine the reason for the denial. The call was disconnected after 10 minutes going through a computerized series of questions with repeating the same information three times! I called from my home and had to go through the same process, only this time it took 20 minutes before I could speak with a person. I knew from the first word spoken, this representative was not located in the United States. He was worthless as to explaining the reason for the denial and told me I needed to write more checks for larger amounts more often!!!! I spoke to the supervisor and got the same responses. I requested someone in the United States – was told there was no one to speak to in the United States as it was the weekend. I was frustrated and expressed my frustration. The call was disconnected!

    I called this morning – had to go through the same ridiculous computerized questions, repeating information several times, 20 minutes and then talked to a person, not in United States. I requested a person in the United States, same result – canned responses, never resolving the issue.

    Telecheck customer support services are the worst I have ever experienced. I do not know how they maintain the business. Merchants need to reevaluate maintaining this company!

  9. Telecheck’s Customer Service Representative is by far the worst I have ever tried to deal with. She was RUDE RUDE RUDE. What is the deal? Do they have too much business and don’t need ours? She must really hate her job. So get out of the industry and find something you like.

  10. Would seem that this company does NOT know how to keep things straight what so ever!! Spent over an hour trying to get through to them and kept getting disconnected. Finally looked online to get a different number to contact them with and was told that Amazon had a hold on my acct. at my bank, which is WRONG!!! I had spoken with my bank and there are NO holds nor any checks in need of paying, and there is plenty of money in my acct. They STILL want more info then I like to give anyone about my banking information. My bank also told me that they are NOT online with any companies such as Wal-Mart, which is where I tried to write a check for less then $10 for my husbands badly needed Blood Pressure meds. I live an hour away from there and would have sued this company for this failure to allow ppl to use their money!!! Thankfully I am good friends with one of the pharmacists, and she paid for the meds for me so that I would NOT have to leave without them. Had it not been for her, my husband would have ended up in the hospital AGAIN!!! For which we were just returning from. This company has NO business, doing ANY business at this point, as they are well behind in financial matters concerning consumers, and their need to use THEIR MONEY!!! I am still considering suing. Calling them and trying to get it dealt with got me NOWHERE, and still can’t use MY MONEY!!!!! TIme for lawsuits, from all consumers being hit with this idiotic system!!!!!

  11. I have been trying to contact telecheck following all of the phone numbers and prompts provided.. I had two checks declined this week on my checking account which I verified numerous times that money was available and all deposits showed posted. Both declines were through tele check.???????? I am unable to get any information through prompts and have yet been able to speak to a person. the information the prompts ask for is very private personal information. the more I read on this company the more suspicious I have become. you should be able to speak to an individual. you are unable to file any written disputes or forms by internet. All must be mailed or faxed. I find the lack of instant contact and information very troubling.

  12. Had a check declined at Best Buy the other day, a company I’ve bought things from for over 20 years. The clerk couldn’t explain the reason, just pointed to some stuff (barely legible) on the back of the check that was printed out. Told me to call TeleCheck, which I did…from the store…after an assistant manager wouldn’t give me the time of day. So I went through the idiotic voice instructions and finally talked to a tech (using that word loosely) who spoke to me as fast as she could read her script. She was worthless, not a bit of help, and I finally suggested to her that they had some kind of a scam going on. I had over $3,000 in the bank and wasn’t able to purchase my items with a check from a local bank – and my driver’s license, I have the “Real ID” thing even. This is one of the sorriest experiences I’ve ever had trying to buy something, and here’s what I suggest: “An investigation should be had to see who, from Best Buy, made the decision to use TeleCheck.” Yup, somebody has an interest in TC or is getting money under the table. I left the store without buying anything.

  13. telechek denied my purchase of 102 dollars as the account is new. So what does that mean? Never open a new account or in my case if you have a disabled family member and open an account with yourself as guardian because its a new account you cant spend money for you disabled loved ones needs because there is to quote phone rep NOT ENOUGH HISTORY! HUH?

  14. I authorized using my bank account to pay for my purchases and bills,including Amazon. I am not a new customer, but did recently authorize direct payment. Imagine my surprise when a very time sensitive purchase was cancelled because payment was declined by Telecheck. The order will not arrive on time and most of my bills will go through them too. I can foresee these payments being denied too. I do not want to deal with a company who denies payments, when payment are authorized by the bank customer (using their own money, not Telecheck’s), without asking the indivdual concerned. It just appears to the merchant like no funds are available, no matter how much is in the account.



  15. I have never wrote a bad check in 40 years and there is funds to cover any checks I do write and my credit score is way over 800 so what right does Telcheck have to decline my checks. Then say I am writing too many and must stop for 7 days then after that they will decide which of my checks they will allow to go through. OMG I called and after time after time of putting in the same info I got a live person but no help there he did not speak enough English to help me. My bank offered to help and tried calling Telcheck, they got a person but as soon as they stated they were a bank they got hung up on, twice. Called my Attorney General and the BBB both said to get the copy of the information in Telcheck’s file and they could go from there.

  16. First the phone number I was given by the business does not work if you call it, basically they don’t want to speak to you. Their real number is 1 888-288-0131

    The problem I had was that I was buying a new battery and I wrote a check. Sure enough it was declined and the stupid reason I was given is

    “l don’t write enough check and so I so my check was declined”

    When I finally found a really number that actually works so you can talk to them (888)288-0131and was told I didn’t meet their “guidelines”. Basically was told I was a deadbeat according to them since my check did not clear so too bad I need to write more checks

    Okay someone needs to sue this company and put them out of business. They don’t care anything about real customers who might on occasion write a check.

    If it is going through Telecheck just don’t bother writing the check unless you do use a large number of checks each day and month.

    This company is beyond horrible

  17. Buyer Beware!!!! Telecheck deserves NO STAR!!!! I have bought from this merchant for many years…using a credit card. No problems whatsoever! I recently made a purchase of over $150 and wrote a check…it was declined and I had to use a credit card with no problem! I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN A BAD CHECK and have plenty of money in my checking account. I immediately called our bank and was told there was no problem with our checking account. The bank also told me that there are some merchants who use a security service…one of which is Telecheck…but they have no control over it. Next, traveled back to the merchant; he patiently spent several minutes calling the Telecheck phone number…1-800-366-2425…and answered several prompts…my personal information. He finally reported to me that my check was “referred”…no mention of it being declined…and Telecheck instructed him to tell me that I should call the same 1-800 number above to find out more information about my situation. I called the same 1-800 number and then spent almost a half hour going through numerous AUTOMATED prompts…AND BEING ASKED TO REPEAT THEM ABOUT THREE TIMES!!! I then received a recorded message that someone would be with me soon. I waited a couple minutes and then received a BUSY SIGNAL…meaning that I had to start over! I finally went through this horrible “process” for the final time and a woman’s RECORDED voice made a very brief statement that ended with: “We’re sorry for the inconvenience.” I had NO OPPORTUNITY to talk to a HUMAN BEING to find out exactly what happened to me and my account…and I still do not know if it is safe to write a check for more than $150. But now I see above that Telecheck is very possibly a big fraud! I will report this to the merchant and urge them to seek some other security service!!! It looks like to me that Telecheck is out to get some identity information, ILLEGALLY! Telecheck does not deserve to be in business! Be sure to ask the merchant if their security service is Telecheck before you write a check and, if so, DO NOT WRITE A CHECK!

  18. This is very concerning that you cannot get a prescription filled for a Pancreatic patient with your own money, that was held hostage by your company . We went thru the whole question / answer ordeal from your agent to tell us he could not verify the balance.( of course not…. it is Saturday). So this leaves us with no way to purchase this medication until we can withdraw the money out of the financial institute that put you in place,( no debit card) until Monday. This account has had numerous check written in the last month for greater amounts than this .Reference #2920218………..Thank you ” VERY MUCH FOR THE NOT NEEDED ADDITIONAL STRESS…..

  19. My bank account had fraudulent charges on it. My bank had to close my account and told me that a check to Walmart did not go through. I started trying to find out how to pay for this check and had the same results that you all have. I called telecheck and got no help there. They just kept hanging up on me, so I called Walmart back and insisted that they help me another way. They gave me this phone number F.M.S. 800-999-2443. I called them and they told me you have to have the white slip of paper from Walmart and it has to of been 5 months since you wrote your check and they can help you with it. I hope this will help someone. I still have not received the white slip of paper, so they couldn’t help me. I hope you all get this worked out.

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