The Children’s Place


The Children’s Place Retail Stores, Inc., is a leading specialty retailer of children’s merchandise, ages newborn to ten years old. The Company designs, contracts to manufacture and sells high-quality, value-priced merchandise under the proprietary The Children’s Place brand name.

The Childrens Place Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Why occasionally so some of the clothes ordered from their website come with stains on them, are they perused? are they from thrift shops? Calling any of their customer service phone numbers and corporate phone numbers listed on the internet either are not in service or connected to recordings, doesn’t anyone work for The Children’s Place other than in their stores? I personally feel that their company should be as big as Pan American Airlines is today.

  2. After reading all of these comments, my thought to call customer service might be a waste of time. Maybe that is just what they want me to do. I’m going to call about the store in Chattanooga TN, got the worse service from an employee, (her name is Nicole) that forgot she works in a store and not outdoors. Her attitude from the beginning was rude, and it got worse. We were verifying prices as the items are being rung up. We questioned a couple of the items as being wrong. I guess it was a little more work for her to verify and ring up the correct price. This is where it really got ugly, and she raised her voice or course we in turn raised our voice. This is when I asked the manager to help, she seemed confused and out of space, (her name is Kathy)I guess she wasn’t the manager after all, because I know a real manager wouldn’t have let any employee talk to paying customers in that manner. So I will take my chances and call customer service, I’m sure someone cares about how customers are being treated.

  3. ON Wednesday I had my daughter purchase and pay for two dresses for my grandaugers using my credit card. WE PAID AN EXTRA NEXT DAY SHIPPING CHARGE OF $20.00 so they could have the dresses by Friday because the Easter pictures were scheduled to be taken on Saturday. We received notice on Wednesday which was sent from the Children’s Place of the UPS tracking number of the package shipped to us by Children’s Place on Wednesday. When we called UPS on Friday during the day UPS HAD NO RECORD OF THE PACKAGE BEING DELIVERED TO UPS AND DID NOT HAVE THE PACKAGE DELIVERED TO UPS UNTIL 6:45PM ON FRIDAY THE 11TH BECAUSE THE CHILDRENS PLACE USES A THIRD PARTY DELIVERY SERVICE. The alleged delivery to UPS per the tracking number issued on Wednesday the 9th per the e-mail from the Children’s Place is a COMPLETELY FALSE CLAIM BEING MADE BY THE CHILDREN’S PLACE because the package was not actually delivered to UPS by the THIRD PARTY COURIER UNTIL LATE FRIDAY EVEN, which the two days after we PAID for the NEXT DAY DELEVIRY FEE or at the VERY LEASET THE 1 DAY Later Delivery FEE of $20.00 EXTRA on a $36.00 total mechandise order. This Can Be Verified Under Order Number 101201582 and Tracking Number 1ZW641071392341119.

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