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Ticketfly is the fastest-growing, independent ticketing and social marketing platform. Ticketfly offers event promoters and venues next-generation ticketing and powerful website and social marketing tools, saving them time and money.

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  1. I’ve bought tickets only 3 times through ticketfly, all in 2015. The first two purchase experiences were fine.

    The third was unsettling which was a Low show. I arrived to the venue in Portland, OR and was apologized to by the door-person, who also named himself the the show manager for the evening, had to tell me that my four tickets would not give us entry because the show was oversold by apparently 100 tickets through ticketfly specifically. So the venue was already at capacity and I was instructed to take it up with ticketfly. I’ve email ticketfly but never received a response.

    Two things bother me about this turnout: the show was oversold and the company was not proactive about the issue or even able to acknowledge my complaint.

    I recommend never using ticketfly, especially if the tickets are expensive or multiple because bringing 3 friends to a show with tickets in hand and being turned away, never to receive an explanation or refund is incredibly lame. There’s plenty of places to buy tix through, I’d avoid the risk that using ticketfly comes with.

  2. On January 18th, Ticketfly mistakenly released COMP tickets to a concert in Austin. Of course, when I completed my order, I did not realize Ticketfly had made a mistake. Days later, I received two back-to-back emails alerting me to the mistake and telling me that my order was cancelled and bar codes invalidated.

    Needless to say, I was upset and contacted Customer Service.
    But really, to even call it “Customer Service” gives all companies with average to great Customer service a bad name.

    I told the customer service agent that I felt that since it was a TicketFly mistake that they should honor the tickets they had given to me.
    The agent agreed it was their mistake and that I was welcome to purchase them when they go on sale.
    Yeah, I am not a rocket scientist, but I figured that I could purchase the tickets,
    I reminded her that TicketFly had already given me me 4 Comp tickets and sent me a confirmation email.
    It is a little insulting to have them taken back and told I am welcome to purchase them.
    As with any company that makes a mistake, you eat what you have to, in order to keep credibility and make your customers happy, and, faithful to the brand.
    Ashley, my first level customer service agent, told me there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak with a supervisor, so “Gene” (who refused to give his last name) got on the line and announced that he was a supervisor in Customer Service. This young man was rude, condescending and disrespectful. He used a hostile tone of voice, continued to speak over me when I tried to talk and treated me and my concern with absolute disrespect. I knew that I was going to report this and when I asked him for his last name- he said he didn’t have to give it to me.
    “Gene” could have really diffused the situation and made me feel like a valued customer with some kind words and real sympathy. It is amazing how much easier words you don’t want to hear go down when it is delivered with sweetness and kindness.
    There are so many other discount ticket websites, I would definitely encourage you to steer clear of this nonsense. I have read all of these mistakes they have made and then to know they have terrible customer service – I say run…run away, while you can. I am already gone.

  3. I too am having trouble getting to a live body from ticketfly ,I purchased two tickets for my son to be picked up at will call and then see that they want ID and the credit card used to purchase the tickets,I really don’t want to turn my 17 year old loose with my ID and my credit card and can’t seem to reach anyone to make other arrangements,in short yes they are hard to get to a real person to talk to ,need to re vamp system some to make more user friendly

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