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11 Replies to “Time Magazine”

  1. Time magazine you suck! I used to read all the time. Now I will never read you magazine again. Good job you idiots!!

  2. NO! NO! NOI! what have you done TIME magazine?! You named Trump- the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot- the ‘Person of the Year’ what a shame and you should be ashamed of your publication. We are instantly CANCELLING our subscription and inviting everyone we network with to do the same . Why pay for a cheap rag when fox news will give us trump garbage for free. Good-Bye once beloved weekly print magazine you’ve just sealed your fate and written your doom.

  3. 2016 person of the year,

    Donald trump.


    I will never read nor look at

    another Time for the rest

    of my life! What are we telling

    our youth. Hate is ok.


  4. On page 29 of the Nov 7 issue: ” THE 2016 election is a referendum on what women can be and what men can get away with” Surely that was a typo as Hillary is the only person running for president that is getting away with everything including robbing her foundation for personal use. ! Surely, you are aware how corrupt she , her husband and her aides are. It seems that you are much more concerned about Time magazine than the United States of America.

    If this is what you choose to write and basicly run a campaign for Hillary/ then CANCEL MY SUBSCPRIPTION IMMEDIATELY.


  5. This is June 28th and the last copy of Time I received was dated June 28th. My mailing label Says May 17. I take that to mean my subscription is good until May of 2017 – am I wrong?

  6. Go to hell, time magazine. Burn in hell time warner. Watch your subscribers drop like a rock for snubbing Bernie Sanders as your person of the year and including damned Donald trump as finalists. Facebook will tear you as a new a-hole for this.

  7. Are you ready to kneel down on Madison Ave. in N. Y. and pray to Allah?

    If you don’t do so they will behead you as they have done to other unbelievers.

    Where do you get the nerve to publish such rot?

    If a person is dead, their parts cannot be transplanted.

    And where does anyone figure that you are a liberal publication?

  8. Time magazine is indulging in false advertising just to get sales. I subscribed online and did not get my fee gift of a Time watch. I emailed and asked about this with no reponse.

    This is unacceptable.

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