Title Max


TitleMax Corporate Office Headquarters
15 Bull Street Savannah, Georgia 31401
Corporate Phone Number: 1-912-525-2675
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-888-485-3629

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2 Replies to “Title Max”

  1. I had a falling out with title max last week than the dummy Manager lied to my wife today said I was cussing in front of the customer hell what customer. Threating me is it a crime to threating and bully some one telling them I better make a payment on a certain day or else. I guess title max don’t give a crap about their business they scalp the bottom of the barrel for these dummy Managers. I never cuss once until the ass hole said I better make a payment or else and when I ask him else what he never would tell me I told him if he came and got my car I would sued his ass off than that is when he cussed me out lying dummy.

  2. I’d advise all to read the title lending act of your state most all these are breaking the law. But you have bring to their attention. They can’t charge over certain %. According to state. The can’t contact and set up repo until they send you letter 30 days prior with payoff info and give you that 30 days bring current. If they contact repo before that they broke law. Do research on your loan. Email them constantly that they broke this and you will sue

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