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  1. I am trying to de-acivate this phone and cancel the service, it has been 2 days now and the phone says it is deactivated but is isn’t.
    Please deactivate, Cancel Total Wireless and give my phone number to the new phone from T-Mobile.
    I needed a better phone and switched to T-Mobile.

  2. Customer service is poor and I continue to have problems when making a payment. They will draft my bank account for duplicate payments. When I call, it takes forever someone to solve a simple problem. The hold time is 30 minutes or more.

  3. They put With someone in Philippines and refused to give me proper help erased all my info. stealing my password ,etc. Walmart has gone too far. I deserve Compensation for this hardship. 2 months of free service. All I needed was a phone # for my new line of service. Ernie said he was management.

  4. Sent my phone back the 19th and still haven’t received it, the lady told me it would only take three days. Called and the lady didn’t even check to make sure I was completely done with everything she just said bye and hung up.

  5. 1st. Total Wireless must hire the rudest and the most inept people for customer service. I was a Trac-fone customer for several years but wanted to switch to Total, I might add here that Total is owned or parented by Trac-fone, however I was told I had to buy a new and different phone, which I did. 2nd. I wanted to keep my number which is not a big problem for many other cell carriers, yet Total and Trac-fone keep fighting over who gets my attention. Every time I have to renew my plan it seems that I have to call in just to get the air time added, usually 25 to 45 minutes. At this point I start getting messages from Trac-fone to call in to complete the transaction…when I get them they want to argue about my status and sometimes I have to lose my service a full day before it is restored. This week I spent 45 minutes on the phone with both Total & Trac-fone just to add a 30 day card which I purchased at Walmart…Mr. Sam would not approve of both the service and that I was threatened by the Supervisor. I will be reporting this weekend’s activities to both the FCC and Walmart officials. I am actively seeking an attorney for a class action lawsuit. To top it all off the technician wanted me to call him back on a separate line, irony is…if I had a separate line or phone I would throw this one in the trash and use it…,so he could fix the phone and keep me occupied also. If he could fix the problem once I hung up…just fix the problem…then call me back.

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