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11/18/2015 Called Toyota Roadside Assistance - Long Wait
Called the roadside assistance number on the back of the card around 6:10 pm. They gave me ETA of 7:44 pm. I called them around 7:40 pm because I did not see any vehicle from Toyota Roadside Assistance and whoever I talked to said to wait 30 more minutes and when it was 45 more minutes and no one showed up, I called again and the lady tells me to wait 25 more minutes and says the guy who is coming is in a different city. I said I want to talk to the supervisor. No one showed up still after waiting for more than 2 hours and all I needed to do was to jump start my car's battery. Finally, the security at my workplace came and charged the battery. The roadside assistance was never there. Fk their service!!!
How could you think it is a joke or take it so lightly when I am standing in the freezing cold parking lot trying to get your service asap? I wish I don't have to deal with these bastards anymore. I wish they know what promises are and try not to manipulate things or give false hope to their customer in the first place. If I was told my wait would be more than an hour and a half, I would call the security at my workplace and have them take care of it.

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8/17/2015 Toyota Roadside Assistance -Very poor service
Very poor service was charged 3 times what it would have cost if I called for tow myself they sent truck 70 miles from my location when they there were service as close as 11 miles and 10 services in 20 miles talked to supervise and was no help would not use this service again ! Very unhappy!

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4/6/2014 Toyota Roadside Assistance - Will never use them again!!! Terrible service.
Will never use them again!!! Terrible service. Had a flat tire on my 2012 Prius. Luckily my car was still in the garage. Toyota's contracting company, Auto Rescue, ( didn't show up when promised and after repeated calls and excuses, finally showed up after over two hours. By the time the guy showed up, I had already jacked up the car, but was unable to loosen the lug nuts. I told the guy this when he called to confirm he was finally coming. Obviously he didn't listen. So...he goes to loosen the way too tight lug nuts and causes the jack and my car to crash down! I refused to sign the form and made it clear that any damage to my car would be covered by him and his contracting company, due to his negligence. If you have other roadside assistance options, i.e. AAA, your cell phone company or car insurance company, go with them first. Now I don't know if he even put the spare on correctly.

Shannon Read More
4/4/2014 Toyota Roadside Assistance - 2013 toyota sequoia 9500 miles transmission
2013 toyota sequoia 9500 miles transmission troubles, roadside assistance called towing company to deliver to dealer 130 miles away. Towing co kept the car in their lot for 2 days because the dealer didnt have room. if i hadnt called the dealer on the off chance they might have been able to get the work done earlier neither the dealer, roadside assistance or the towing company would have let me know what was going on. dont know who i am maddder at, toyota (reliability) the dealer (not letting me know they didnt have room on their lot), the towing company (not letting me know they didnt deliver the vehicle when they said they were going to) or roadside assistance (all ok because the vehicle was picked up no further worries) guess i will buy only from local dealers

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4/1/2014 Toyota Roadside Assistance - Toyota Roadside 24 hr service? More like only till 10 Pm
24 hr service? More like only available until about 10p at night!! I work late and got a flat tire coming home and called the so-called "24/7" number and told me they would get back within the hour. Well at least a half hour later I had to call them, since it was late and dark I really didn't want to wait much longer. They told me they tried calling EVERY network and couldn't find anyone and now are trying out of their network. They explained to me if that doesn't work then they would have to get a non-contracted one and I would have to pay out of pocket but be reimbursed and STILL not find anyone! Luckily someone stopped and they were nice enough to use their AAA and wow look at that AAA came "just like that"! Toyota roadside is the worst! Only available if it's light out they will come out and help! So even they offer a service I would rather pay a "AAA" membership then be stranded somewhere!!

Jackie Read More
1/28/2014 Toyota Roadside Assistance - My battery died on me , lights were left one for a
My battery died on me , lights were left one for a day and a half, and I called the Roadside assistance and they were courteous and polite. Within 15 minutes I had a guy come to my drivewya and he jumped started my battery. That was pretty fast! I recommend calling them!

Jessica Read More
9/26/2013 Do not use Toyota roadside assistance for any
Do not use Toyota roadside assistance for any emergency. It is a total scam. It took 3 hours for me to get help and I tried to get a receipt the next day and there was no record of the transaction any where I have called every number on the books. I have lost all respect for the Toyota company. Get AAA.

Cindy Read More
9/18/2013 Toyota Roadside Assistance - Toyota Roadside asst is horrible. I really don't
Toyota Roadside asst is horrible. I really don't know the relevance of their operation. last Tuesday August 10 2013 my car wouldn't start. i called them and at first he said it would cost $60 for them to come jump start my car cause my warranty had just expired on my new 2011 Toyota Camry.John instructed me to try getting a jump start from anyone passing by, as i was at school i had three fellow students try to start my car but no luck. i then called them back and told them i had no luck i spoke to another guy on my second called explained to him its not starting he then said he"ll have my car towed to the nearest dealer which was 2 miles away and it would cost me $70. i paid over the phone. When the tow guy came (Mike) he came out his truck and said to me i'll get your car working and jump start the car then he drove it up the ramp to be towed. On my way to the Dealer he told me i owe him $50 for starting my car. As i told him i paid over the phone already he said he started my car which is additional. i was in awe i then told him i had no cash as i was at school he turned to me and said he'll drive me to an ATM and right there i was like hell no.. As i called my Boyfriend he told me give him the $50 from our rent money and get out the truck. He then told me he'll take me to pep boys to get a battery instead of Toyota cause they wouldn't touch my car till tomorrow. i was just confused and scared but i kept myself composed and i said no its OK just put my car down and i'll drive to some where close to my house. In all he ripped me off i called customer service the next day to complain and they said they'll get back to me but no one ever called. Hes a thief and i'll never use them again i signed up for AAA.I want my $50 back,..

Ria Read More
8/17/2013 Toyota roadside assistance never showed up
Horrible. I called Toyota roadside because my son locked inside my trunk.....THEY NEVER CAME. I waited and
Waited along w my 3 kids. I couldn't call them back because I had a dead phone. After I waited 1 hour I decided to walk home w the kids
To get my extra set of keys.....horrible experience...I will never call Toyota ever again. They just tooky money for my car and left me stranded when I needed them. Not happy at all

Michelle Read More
5/6/2013 Toyota Roadside Assistance - We had a flat tire incident last Saturday, 04 May
We had a flat tire incident last Saturday, 04 May 2013 at approximately 12 noon. I phoned Toyota Roadside Assistance and the first person I talked to said that in 30 min. they will send a tow truck to help us and will give us a call to follow-up. My mom was with us at that time and the 3 of us waited, waited, waited. I phoned again after 54 minutes and another customer service agent answered my call and the same dialogue after getting all my information again, "I apologize for the inconvenience and will send someone to assist you in half an hour". Ok we waited again, waited, waited, and this time it's already past 1:00. We were in the corner of York and Churchill in New Westminster, nowhere to go for bathroom break, under the heat of the sun. Then I phoned again, another customer service agent answered, same thing, got the information again, then the same adlib, "I do apologize.....". I had talked to 5 different customer service agents, all saying the same 30 min., no one calling me back to let me know what's going on or even ask if we're still alive. To cut my dilemna short, Mundy's towing came at 3:30. Is that really the kind of service we get from Toyota? REALLY? I have to call a friend to take my mom in their house as she can't be hungry, she's DIABETIC. Waiting for 3 1/2 hours for ASSISTANCE is NOT ACCEPTABLE, NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL. Is that what we get, after you sweet talk us when we bought our vehicle from the Richmond Auto Mall? REALLY? You got our money and now we need help, this is what we get in return? THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING YOU CAN DO TO YOU CLIENT AND I WILL NOT HESITATE TO TELL EVERYONE OUR WORST NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE WITH YOU.

JULIE Read More
3/15/2013 Toyota Roadside Assistance - I had a little incident.. I left my keys inside my
I had a little incident.. I left my keys inside my 2013 highlander.. I called the Toyota road side assistance they got to my location within 20 minutes and unlocked my door. Great job to toyota road side assistance.

Gil Read More
1/3/2013 Toyota Roadside Assistance - I will be getting AAA.Toyota Roadside
I will be getting AAA.

Toyota Roadside Assistance completely failed my wife and children.
Thank God they were at a park and not on the side of the freeway in their leased 2013 Highlander.

The earliest arrival time for a tow truck was 1 hour because 2-3 people were ahead of her.
My wife said okay, but called 15 minutes after that hour passed.

She was able to arrange a ride via the dealership, but had to leave the keys for the tow truck driver, who arrived 4 hours after the initial call.

I consider this a violation of the lease agreement.

If you love your family, don't trust in Toyota

SurfnDaddy Read More
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