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  1. Tracfone sucks. They put me on hold for an hour. Said someone would call me back and never did. I asked to speak to a manager and they said they were busy. Waiting three days now to get my phone activated.

  2. Yeah waiting time is too long since both my phones /tracfone/ are down…..I used to be able to get on with somebody right away!!! What to do now but go another prepaid carrier?

  3. I can no longer send and receive text messages what is wrong. Have been satisfied Tracphone user for 8 years but service is viirtually impossible to obtain.

  4. customer service has a language problem-takes long time to get them to understand and help you!!

  5. Your online buy time application is really.really, really bad! I have tried for the last hour to by another year and hours but….

    1. tried to change credit card info…who knows what happened to that ’cause it wasn’t on the pay screen. Just the old number.

    2. Each time I began again got different offers

    3. and each time I tried to change my personal data it lost my selection and, of course, that selection wasn’t there when I went back to re-select and of course, the same option wasn’t there.

    4. No one to call for help

  6. I tryed to contact you to activate a new phone can’t contact by phone or e-net what s. Wrong

  7. I bought addition time today, July 24, 2014 by phone and time isn’t showing on my phone.’ve spoken to two ladies, heard two different answers Please have someone contact me.

  8. We get constant beeps on our Tracfone and would like to know how to eliminate this nuisance.

    Thank you

  9. Tried all day to “call” tracfone – trying to set up the new Samsung phone – can’t get answers concerning transferring minutes from prious phone and as well as finding out how to find how many minutes we have with the promotional, expiration date, etc.????? Also, very little instructions on the apps.??

  10. I am interested in buying a new tracfone. So yesterday I added some time to my phone and talked with a phone rep. I asked her if I could keep the same number and transfer my minutes to a new phone and she said she didn’t know. She never volunteered to connect me withsome one who did.

    Than I wrote and email to what I thought was tracfone customer service and got the response, essentially, that they didn’t handle that kind of request, and that the email couldn’t be responded to — mine or their.

    Gues what? I gave up.

  11. My husband’s tracfone accidently got buried in a sand pile while he was dozing the sand. He purchased a new tracfone from Walmart and the associate tried to transfer my old number and my minutes and days of service to my new phone. He finally said he did all he could, and I was to wait an hour and if my phone was not activated, to call tracfone.

    Five hours later and many, many attempts, I am being told that my number no longer exists. I was able to talk to people but when they got to a certain point, I was hung up on. I am frustrated and will probably return the phone to Walmart and get a different company My wife has tracfone as well, and will be getting rid of hers as soon as she uses up her minutes which will be very soon..

    A rating of 1 is far too great for tracfone – it should be -0. If you choose to fix this problem, we will give you until Monday, June 16th.

  12. no long distance since phone activated and now absolutely dead. I want my money back

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