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  1. Does anyone actually check any of the hotels? Could not stay at the disgusting Penrose Hotel in Philadelphia, PA last night.

  2. Your customer service is an oxymoron…It doesn’t exist! I booked a hotel and paid for it…No confirmation and no response after waiting hours on a line that was intelligible..You have just lost another customer…Joe Hasler




  4. spoke to somone spoke poor english loud background. im sure this call came from india or near promised to help with voture because hotel was not as advertised . got nothing. there web site stinks if u want customer service going back to priceline

  5. This company sucks! RUN and go to someone else. These morons don’t give a crap about customer service.

    RUN!!!!!!!!!!!! They will put you on hold until you hang up out of frustration!!!

  6. After reading the emails above I would have to concur that in my long life I have never experienced the level of ineptness that the “noncustomer” service department has. The endless hours on hold, the lack of a supervisor returning calls, and the total lack of any ability to resolve issues. I now know why the Gnomes hat is pointed, at least they make that less painful when they insert it in your a##!

    Do yourself a favor, never use these guys….why the goverment doesn’t get involved in a scam this big is beyond me.

  7. NO NEED TO EVER BOOK THROUGH THIS SITE. The insurance is a scam. Customer services were somewhere in El Salvador or something… That doesn’t have to do with the fact that the insurance is a scam but it makes talking to c/s difficult. I am out of $400.00. WHY would I ever use them again when they can’t and won’t do anything to remotely try and help. The airlines won’t help because they are thinking..”You get what you pay for.”

    Can’t be more precise than that!

  8. the worst agency in the world, they are a rip off. WILL NEVER USE TRAVELOCITY AGAIN, bought a ticket and the insurance for cancellation and because of an unforeseen death of a family and church member they would not pay and wanted me to pay an additional 200 dollars to rebook. I pray they shut down as well as that ANON Insurance the sale on their website. They both are NO GOOD companies and are ripping people off.

  9. the worst agency in the world, they are a rip off. WILL NEVER USE TRAVELOCITY AGAIN, bought a ticket and the insurance for cancellation and because of an unforeseen death of a family and church member they would not pay and wanted me to pay an additional 200 dollars to rebook. I pray they shut down as well as that ANON Insurance the sale on their website. They both are NO GOOD companies and are ripping people off.

  10. I never had to call Travelocity “customer service” before and am now living the nightmare on hold with their “customer service” in India.

    After a few holds and hang-ups/disconnections, I am now on my 2nd hour and counting. Like a bad restaurant with bad food and service, I am not coming back to waste my hard earned money on this third world operation that doesn’t care about their customers.

    They make Verizon customer service look good, at least I can understand Verizon’s English speaking service reps.

  11. the worst agency in the world, they are a rip off. WILL NEVER USE TRAVELOCITY AGAIN, bought a ticket and the insurance for cancellation and because of an unforeseen death of a family and church member they would not pay and wanted me to pay an additional 200 dollars to rebook. I pray they shut down as well as that ANON Insurance the sale on their website. They both are NO GOOD companies and are ripping people off.

  12. What a nightmare!!!!! Booked 2 rooms, 1 refundable and 1 not. After paying it states that reservations are non-refundable!!! (Then why do they charge $10 more refundable rooms????!!!!!) . Called Travelocity’s customer service. Woman spoke barely understandable heavily accented English and I kept having to ask her to repeat what she said and re-explaining myself because her answer did not even remotely answer my question. Finally asked for a supervisor and was put on hold twice at very long lengths. Finally spoke with a supervisor and got put on hold twice again. I was told that if you book rooms together that whatever the 1st one the others will automatically be changed to the same things. So needless to say the group of us that booked these rooms (8 people) have now told everyone we know that we will NEVER EVER EVER use Travelocity for anything EVER!!!!!!

  13. they did a switch and bait. don’t trust them they have ways to cheat you…. just call hotel direct. this way you know what your getting ..I’m out 3100.00 pure shame.

  14. Travelocity is horrible. Beware, they are scammers. i changed a flight departure to one day earlier and was charged $200. i was given no info on this change if it occurred. i did not cancel the flight, i simply made a one day change which was a higher flight fee. i understand this but the $200 added fee is totally wrong.

    I would warn everyone not to use travelocity under any conditions. I tried to call numerous numbers and talked with numerous people without any satisfaction. In fact, most of the associates were rude.

  15. Travelocity is so worst.I spent 650 dollars for rebooking my ticket coz they dd nt inform me or issued me a transit visa wherein they knew that i will stay for more than 18hrs at Jeddah going back to Lebanon i hve to rebook my ticket again for 450 dollars coz the Saudi Embassy here in the philippines would not issue a transit visa.They said that the travelocity should be the one to comply it for me.

  16. I actually just had a great experience with Travelocity. Their customer service was quick and efficient. However, the tip to press ### at prompt probably saved me from going through all the CS Hell loops.

  17. Worst customer service in the _ _ _ _ ing world!!!! Will never ever use this outfit again. Been on hold for over two hours and still no human. Tried three different numbers and had the same bull_ _ _ _!!

    Paid for insurance on the flight ticket in case of an emergency. My sister inlaw has cancer and was very sick from the meds the morning of the flight so ended up missing flight. Just trying to get reimbursed for the flight. But can’t even get through to them.

    What a bunch of ass_ _ _ _ _!!!!!!

  18. I have been trying to get ahold of someone at Travelocity for a week straight….. No dice. Worst customer service in the world and that includes the hookers on International Avenue.

  19. worst customer service in my life. I worked in call centers before and know the games. but this was like nothing I have ever seen. They DO NOT CARE, AT all. They are counting on new customers. not repeat business.

  20. WHERE DO YOU START, THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE RANK WITH THE CABLE COMPANY. Stay on the phone for 1 hour just holding, waiting for some one to pick up. I just cancelled the trip.

  21. booked a flight and purchased the protection plan. Had to change the flight and was charged another $225 for the change. No resolve from Travelocity, why are they still in business, why?

  22. Called to book a room, 2 months ahead. As soon as the representative read back my information he told me the room was not non-refundable and gave me a list of the restrictions. When I said I no longer wanted the reservation if there were so many restrictions he told me that he had already confirmed my reservation and I would be charged the entire stay to cancel. I was transferred to customer service and have been waiting almost an hour for someone to pick up. What a scam!!!! I will never use Travelocity for anything but a search tool, ever again!

  23. My 1st and worst travel nightmare was last Summer, in August, when I booked a trip to a retreat/conference in Joshua Tree, CA. I checked into the Best Western Garden Inn, at Twentynine Palms, CA on the night of Thursday, August, 7, 2014. When I arrived, I noticed that there was some construction in the parking lot by the pool in front of my building, with the concrete dug up, and some work vehicles nearby. When I arrived at my room, and brought up my bags, I went to lock the door, and no lock! Here I am, a tiny woman, traveling alone, at a hotel near a massive military base, with no lock on the door! I complained, and they reluctantly moved me to another room. When I awoke the next morning, I had to leave ASAP to get to the conference early, and register. Mind you, this was in August, in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and there were hundreds of people in front of me. Needless to say, it was hot, and dusty, and when I got back to my hotel room, I was ready for a shower! That’s when things got really bad. I went to the sink to brush my teeth, and nothing came out of the faucet, but a few drops. I called the front desk, and I was told that the water had been temporarily shut off for some “short term” maintenance work. I used the rest of a bottle of water I had with me to brush my teeth. This was at about 3:00 PM. I went out for dinner, and a bit of sight-seeing, fully expecting the water situation to have been fully resolved. Ha! Instead, I saw that the workers were still out there, and the hole had gotten bigger. In desperation, I decided to use the pool to at least cool down. After 2 more hours of swimming and relaxing, I went over to the hole, and talked with one of the guys who was in the pit. He said that they was a water main break, and that they weren’t plumbers, or pipefitters, just the hotel maintenance guys, and that he wished they would call in some real plumbers, because they didn’t have the right parts. Fast forward to 9:00 PM. People are constantly having to run up and down the hallways, steps, and walkways to the pool to get water to flush their toilets! Was a potable water truck called in, or portable johns deployed? No! The couple across the hall went down and talked to the handymen, who told them they had gotten the right part, finally. The man of the couple across the hall was a retired plumber, and he explained to those guys that the part was made of a different type of PVC, and that no bonding agent would hold. He was told that they were sure it would hold, and that we should have water by 10:00. 10:00 came and went, and still, there was no water. By this time, people were shaving, bathing, and washing their hair in the pool in desperation. We were all told before 11:30, that they would have the problem fixed by morning. The next morning, there was still no water, and an even bigger hole had been dug, because, as predicted by the guy across the hall, the pipe ruptured. By that time, people were squabbling at the front desk for bottled water. They only wanted to give us 2 bottles at time, when they should have had a truck full waiting! Were 2 little bottles a day supposed to hold us in August in the Desert? When I, and the couple across the hall finally threatened to contact the authorities, we went up to our rooms, and were called by the front desk, who told us we were being evicted! I was told there was a room down the road a couple of miles away, but the neighbors were given no such consideration. They had to go all the way to Yucca Valley, and lodge at another hotel which was not very nice, but at least it had water. What ticked me off the most, is that the Best Western Garden Inn, at Twentynine Palms, was fully aware of the water main break, and allowed their guests to check in, without prior disclosure of the situation. If they had been honest, and forthright, we might all have had a chance to find lodging comparable to what we paid for and expected. When I complained to the so-called “customer service” at Best Western, I was told that the management at the hotel said I had left the room a mess, and caused a disturbance, and would not be granted a refund. I never yelled, I never left as much as one empty water bottle in the room, and even emptied my trash cans before I left, and I still left the Housekeeping staff a nice tip. So, we were supposed to just take this abuse and PAY for it cheerfully? Are they nuts? What’s worse, is that the poor retired couple across the hall had the police called to escort them out when they called the authorities. I don’t know what angered me more, being stuck with the bill, being thrown out of my room like I did something wrong, or being lied to, as well as having lies told about me, to save their face.This meant I was going to be forced to pay for 2 hotel rooms! At least the manager at the Hotel Twentynine Palms, where I stayed after my “eviction”, felt so bad for what I had gone through, that he upgraded me to an executive suite at no extra charge. If I ever return to that conference/retreat, that is the hotel where I will stay. Meanwhile, things went from bad to worse with getting any kind of refund for the 3 days the Best Western wanted to charge me to stay in a hotel in the desert with no water. I figured I would contact Travelocity. M-I-S-T-A-K-E! Any time you want to do ANYTHING other than book anything new, you will be guaranteed to be on hold for at least an hour, sometimes 2, just to get somebody from India, or the Philippines, whom I cannot understand, and I end up asking for a supervisor, and get put on hold for an hour again, just to get the same result. It took me 5 weeks of calling the corporate offices, several times a week, to finally get offered a partial refund of $200.00 out of $328.00, of course, in the form of a voucher, which I must use within 1 calendar year. I waited to receive the E-mail confirmation, but never received it. So here I am, 10 months later, trying to call Travelocity, to get this issue resolved. As of this moment, I have been on hold, for over an hour and 45 minutes! Thank God for unlimited minutes. I’m going to go about the business of the day, just to see how long it will take. Somehow, I have a feeling that even though I called as soon as their offices opened, that 8 hours later, I’ll still be on hold, listening to the same little piano/guitar ditty, with a voice breaking in every minute, saying “I apologize for the delay, all our customer services coordinators are currently busy assisting other customers. Please hold, and the next available agent will be with you as soon as possible.”… Are there even ANY AGENTS answering the !@#$?%& phones? Whether I do or don’t ever get this issue resolved, I will absolutely NEVER, EVER book another trip with Travelocity. I would rather pay an extra $100.00 per night, than deal with such an insult to the term “customer service”. It’s like they want to just take our money, and give us nothing, and punish us for daring to even TRY to get what we pay for. This isn’t really a travel discount site. As far as I’m concerned, it is nothing but a scam site! Don’t stop to smell the roses, because you’ll just get stuck in the nose with the Pricks! Travelocity doesn’t even deserve 1 star!

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