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Tricare For Life Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Tricare Life Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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  1. Am having trouble getting my refills for medication. Have been told that the approval of the Xarelto cannot be approved because the numbers?? don’t match??? Is something going on with system!?? Have been getting this medication all along with no problem…now this???? What gives???????

  2. I am a spouse of a deceased sponsor and am currently getting Tricare Prime. I will turn 65 soon and want to be sure that I will get Tricare for Life automatically at that time.

  3. Both number give me the same circular response. I want to speak to a human about the lack of payment on a outpatient bill. Tricare paid only part of the bill after medicare picked up their share.

  4. I cannot get on web site or call. Tried to change password but was locked out. Need to order. Said would send notice but did not.

  5. Called the customer service number four time and was put on hold four times and no one ever picked up after waiting 30 minutes each time….the line was simply dead…no music or recording that I was still on hold. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SERVICE…still need answers.

  6. Ever since Wisconsin Physician Service has taken over the Tricare account my experiences have been less than satisfactory. Every claim is being denied. Every time I challenge a claim I will receive a different reason for the claim being denied. I wonder why this problem even exists. I am not at all satisfied with personnel handling my claim because they have a tendency to become very “testy” and try to blame the “OHI” people for the reason of non-payment. I had previously thought that all the issues had been taken care of but obviously they have not.

  7. I just got thru on the phone,(866-773-0404) immediately to a sweet agent, Katie, who assured me that Tricare for life is still functionong for us old timers (87 widow), despite all the hysterical news about changes to medicare. Many thanks

  8. Retired USN..Had Dr. ordered blood work after Chemo and was billed for services. Contacted Tricare and was immediately on the line with a rep. who knew what he was talking about…Long story short…explained problem, he listened and typed in a few things and that was it. Problem solved…Excellent customer support. Old Sea Dog…

  9. I just received my Medicare card. I am eligible for A and B. The effective date will be May 1, 2014. Next month (May) I will turn 65. What will happen to my membership to UHC (Tricare)? Does Social Security notify Tricare to enroll me for Tricare for Life? Do I continue to pay premium for UHC? How do I enroll for Medicare plan D? Would this be an extra cost for me? Thank you.

  10. I am with a medical provider facility. Called the Customer Service number (866) 773-0404. Immediately reached a very pleasant Customer Service Representative who promptly provided me with eligibility information for my patient.

  11. Had a billing issue with medical facility and had bad information to resolve and after calling Tri Care for Life the agent was most pleasant and helpful and called the facility and all issues were resolved!!

  12. I have been searching for a phone number for Tricare for life so I can find out if Tricare for life pays anything on dentures. I have spent over 4 hours on the computer trying to find a phone number. I hope someone can help me. I don’t know why the web sites refuse to publish one. Thank you for your time.


  13. It would be extremely nice to have a live person actually talk to you. The PHONE system SUCKS!!!!!!!!

    It seems to be almost impossible to obtain needed information or assistance online or by phone. There was no problem getting me to serve my country but now it is almost requiring an act of Congress to obtain assistance, even get a simple question answered.

    I had a home fire and my Identification for Tricare burned up, I JUST NEED A REPLACEMENT CARD>>>>>>HELP…..

  14. I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt courteous response to my question. I did have to wait while certain technical questions were researched but only 4 minutes. The answer was not what I wanted to hear but accurate and other alternatives were suggested.

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