Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy Phone Number


Tricare Pharmacy Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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  1. This is a Mail order Dis-service. You call, set up account, your doctor sends them the script, you call a couple days later and the automated service says the order is processing. Call two weeks later and the same automated service says the order was cancelled by member. It must have been cancelled by someone there who had a quota to fill and I did not do it and they failed to notify me. OK…round two. Ding..Ding.. After voicing by displeasure in their service with a supervisor we start again. They contacted my doctor vs someone of their choice, my doctor sends them the script and they call back saying the order is processing. Here it is two weeks later and when nothing is in the mail, I call. This time I am told I have not been approved for mail order service. After cooling off for 30 long min. I called and talked to a supervisor AGAIN. I was told my doctor did not fax them the script. Just how many ways can you put a spin on incompetence.

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