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  1. I got a real question pertaining to your programming format! Question as follows: How do you justify airing the Cosby Show daily after him being convicted by a jury of his own peers of sexual assault on women not to mention drugging them without consent?!!! What does it take for a show to be pulled off of TV Land? I cannot recall one episode of the Dukes of Hazzard being racist or anything else immoral. The show surrounded morals and values, yet it was taken off air. In the end the Dukes of Hazzard taught a lesson. Since Bill Cosby played a doctor on the show does that mean that he had the right to give women drugs and do as he pleases with them? JW???!!!!
    Bryan Powers

  2. Why do you insist on replacing Andy Griffith with MASH on Fridays. MASH is on way too much anyway. Andy Griffith is a true classic

  3. You did it again,we like the old holsom shows like andy griffith, brings back memories with out swearing,shooting,killing,blowing up stuff,i can see that on the news, andy keeps it real and mellow, put andy back on pleeeeeeease,thx

  4. Take mash off for awhile,its ok but gets awful boring,tell that loser to keep banana off the tv,andy griffith rules,tv is horrible especially on weekends,you have to be awful feminine to watch bonanza,your a man watching andy griffith,thx

  5. Leave andy griffith on from (4)pm&(6)pm mon-fri/plus maybe have it on sat/sun tv is bad on weekends,mash is ok but andy is better,that clown who likes bonanza is weird,leave it off andy saves the day midday and at nite,thx

    1. One more thing ,only thing rosanne has going for her is shes big and fat and looks like hell, keep that pig where she belongs,off tv and in the pig barn suey snied

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