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  1. I am just heartsick about the way your channel is heading I use to be able to put it on and leave it all day and night, Now because of the filth your airing I watch 1 show the only Everybody Loves Raymond that’s it .when it’s over I get rid of the rest of the disgusting shows. What in Hell are you people thinking over there! Now tonight another piece of craps airs Teachers!!! Omg your shows are so trashy now! Younger sucks, Jim Gaffigan doesn’t even deserve mentioning. And the worst offender of all, that lousy Impastor. No more tv land not only for me, but you watch it happen thousands of viewers will be gone and you will deserve it!

  2. Why have you quit showing Everybody Loves Raymond ? That is a great show with great actors. Bring it back , if you can’t I’ll just have to turn the channel to some other show. Betty Nelson

  3. Younger and Teachers are both trash TV with no redeeming value to young viewers or older nostalgic viewers. There are plenty of other value-infused classics such as Taxi, Mork and Mindy, Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, My Three Sons, I Dream of Jeannie, Bob Newhart, Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Kung Fu and its spin-off, Kung Fu:The Legend Continues, and a whole slew of other shows that don’t rely on crass sexual innuendo for their cheap laughs.

    As soon as you resort to programming with a bit more ethical integrity to expand your viewership, you’ll be able to charge more for the already outrageous amount of time devoted to your advertising.

  4. after reading all the comments I dont think you give a crap..You cant fix stupid,, why do you play Reba all day on Sunday its been like a year now damn people that show sucks anyway but you play it over and over and over..Like I said you cant fix stupid…..

  5. please knock off the junk!!! ugh for Younger etc…dang we LOVE the rest!!!

    PLEASE. I speak for SO MANY people here in Rhode Island. Thank you for listening.

  6. Good Evening, how do we get back some classic shows i.e. MASH / EMERGENCY / BARETTA / HAWAII FIVE-O



  7. I agree with the other comments–I used to love TV Land–you remove Happily Divorced, Hot in Cleveland, and your other original TV Land Programs that were entertaining and funny– I used to wait for your Wednesday night programs. Now I very seldom watch TV Land –your new programs are pathetic and disgusting. How you could consider any of these programs entertaining, I’ll never understand. Even the trailers advertising your programs are disgusting. I watch ME TV programming or turn the TV off–there is no excuse for your programming. It would be nice if you returned to your previous TV programming ideology.

  8. If you would please switch up the tv programs to Little House On The Prairie , I Love Lucy or even the Waltons with less of Andy Griffith, and Gilligans Island !! it would be nice , sick of the same viewings… over and over again even throw in Happy Days, or Threes Company thank you a unhappy viewer.

  9. To whom it may concern:

    I work at a facility for handicapped adults. Our clients watch your station daily and have been very mad that you took George Lopez off of your television station,(as a matter of fact I have a client sitting by me right now crying over the situation). Can you please, please bring him back on? She says she would be ok, with you taking Andy off. I’m ok with that too. Thanks for taking your time to read this email. Please get back with us asap. We are looking forward to hopefully see George again soon.

    Your friends at Apache….

  10. you TV land people really got stupide ! it is Sunday afternoon and you are going 5 hours of Reba from 3 to 8 what the fu <>? is the mater with you ! TV land sucks

  11. you people just don’t listen to viewer’s after all we pay your wages thru are cable bill ,, f *&** LOPEZ SHOW HAS GOT TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!! put Gilligan and ,munsters , idream of Jeannie and show like that on !!!!!!!!!!! LOPEZ !!!!!!!! SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!! QUIT screwing up Saturday nights up !

  12. Tv land used to be good, until they start showing disgusting shows like Teacher & Younger. For goodness sake there are children on Teachers, reminds me of another disgusting show 3 1/2 men. I am not sure why you decided to show a piece of crap shows like these, but this is not what you used to be like. Used to be a channel showing wholesome old shows, now just another channel where sex is disgusting, with young children in the show-SHAMED ON YOU!!!! Clean your act up or this channel is history for me!!!!!!!!!!

  13. GET RID OF TEACHERS!!!!!!! What a HORRIBLE & DISRESPECTFUL show for hardworking educators & Americans! Doesn’t this country have enough problems without this channel adding to them by “spitting in the faces” of hardworking teachers?! While you are at it get rid of Younger too-show sucks BIG TIME! This channel has lost it values & NEEDS to BRING BACK THE CLASSICS, which is WHY IT WAS CREATED! LOVE RAYMOND & ANDY, please bring back Facts of Life & Bewitched in the evening—-Keep Raymond at its current time…….LOVE IT!

  14. I agree with the other complaints…please STOP advertising Teachers and Younger while The Andy Griffith Show is on! I can’t change the channel fast enough because of the inappropriateness of the commercials. Read what everyone is complaining about TVLand and CHANGE IT!!!!! Whoever made the decision to put those commercials on while wholesome TV is on should be fired!

  15. I have never been so applaud as I am over your commercial for The Jim Gaffigin show.I will never watch this show because of the mockery u are making of our Savior. DISCUSTING

  16. What happened to TV Land???? It used to be the channel of showing classic shows but now it’s showing horrible shows like George Lopez show! George Lopez is the worst, he’s not funny, he’s racist and making a living off of stereotypes. He uses the same jokes kids use on a playground, he has to have a really low IQ.

    TV Land cancel George Lopez show!

    Please bring back more classic shows like The Munsters, Bewitched, Dream Of Jeannie, etc.

  17. Read John Schnieder’s reaction to your taking off the Dukes of Hazzard. I agree.

    Yes, what happened in South Carolina was a senseless tragedy and should have never happened, but think for a minute. If he thought in some warped way he was doing America a favor and had been holding an American flag, would you have taken off any show that showed an American flag? Does taking the show off the air and other companies having nothing to do with Dukes of Hazzard merchandise guarantee that this sort of thing will never happen again?

    There are problems with this sort of incident and others that go a lot deeper than a flag(e.g. Detroit, Pennsylvania, Texas, movie theater, etc.). You and others are trying to fix a major cut with a band-aid.

    He was seen with a Confederate flag. Did the flag make him do what he did? Not hardly. Something much more serious going on.

    Networks show programs and let them run their course, then replace them all the time. That’s not the problem, but why you’re not showing the program anymore-that’s the problem.

    Honestly, what’s really being achieved by this?

  18. To the web master of this site I know you want post this comment because more and likely goes against how you fell about my veiw on these new shows so I’m letting you know this the Confederate flagwas never about hate and the civil war was never about slavery how do I know this well gets go back to when I was a child 40 years ago the elders in my family would teach us history of years past I live in North Carolina so I know that before the civil war slaves was already being set free here is the truth about the civil war it was all about the North not wanting to pay the tax and for good that they could not grow in the North for they where industry driven don’t get me wrong I’m not upset with the North I just wish they would stay up north they talk about how back country we are that may be we do have Morales and these new show like teachers and younger they just need to go ahead and take it off its filthy nasty and don’t need to be on TV your going to take the Duke’s of hazard off because y’all don’t know any better than to research o let’s just jump on the band wagon well let me tell I’m black and a red neck and I believe in the South never have I run into racism but I guess if you look for something you will find it so here is my veiw on your new line up of shows they stink and y’all be losing alot of viewers but ya don’t care let just keep putting out the filth that ya think is good TV o by the way if the Duke’s of hazard was not racists they helped everybody but I guess you or TV land would know that it seem y’all didn’t watch the TV show so here it is in a nut shell I don’t like the new shows y’all want to push

  19. PLEASE PLEASE NO MORE ROSANNE! The show goes against family values & is just garbage, all of the school, college shooting show how much we are low on family values please don’t add to that w/trash like Rosanne when you have so many great shows in your historical vault. Also NO MORE Gillian’s Island & Adventures of Christine….both shows are horrible. Andy Griffith or MASH @ 6p and Hogan’s Heroes @ 8p would be GREAT!


    GET RID OF JIM GOOF-AGAIN, YOUNGER & TEACHERS……..THEY ARE HORRIBLE!! Teachers ruins the integrity & is a “slap in the face” of descent hardworking educators in this country.

    Change Friday nite movies to Sunday nite movies & BRING RAYMOND BACK TO FRI NITES!!!!!!! Please be a station of good family values.

  20. you need to put Gilligan back on like you did the 1 hour 1/2 like you had! facts of life sucks and take it off the air! keep Andy too!

  21. Whoever is in charge of programming needs to be fired. George Lopez, are you crazy! I can’t stand that man, and as long as you have him in your line-up, I WILL NOT WATCH ANOTHER TV LAND PROGRAM! You better get back to quality, Classic TV!

  22. I’ve been reading many other comments from some of your viewers, and I agree with many of them. There are many shows that you can put on a rotating schedule instead of running the same show for several hours in a row. Tonight I was all set to watch “Everybody Loves Raymond” and the Brady Bunch is now on in it’s place. I’m 60 plus and at the end of my day I want a program I can enjoy. Put the Brady Bunch on in the early afternoons for the younger viewers and leave them off of the later hour spots. I do enjoy Raymond, so hope you put it back on it its usual spot. Also, highly agree with commercial issues and hot in Cleveland and Soul Man. I don’t like either one of them. I don’t need to go into the reasons why, some have been expressed, but I think both programs are trashy. I don’t find either of them worth my time. I hope you will take to heart many of the comments of your viewers and make some fast decisions. I too will most likely no longer be watching your station. I’m also sick and tired of Gilligan’s Island. Let’s see some quality decision making for the big bucks that are more than likely earned ? ha ha by the powers that be. Dissatisfied viewer.

  23. What happened to the original idea of TV Land – to bring back shows that were from a simpler time – shows that were not offensive or filthy. I have come to the conclusion that I have no choice but to boycott TV Land. Impastor, in particular, is filthy – and not funny in any way. What is funny about a child watching two adults in the woods fornicate? This is explcit content, and not what I turn on TV Land for. You should be ashamed of yourselves. In your effort to get ratings, you resort to badly written shows that rely on sex to draw viewers in. These types of viewers are not the ones you should be courting. You should remember the viewers who made you popular in the first place. Keep this up and the only viewers you’ll have left will be those who want explcit content. I gave you one star for the decent shows you still put on though I will not see them any longer as I refuse to watch your station. I hope the sponsors are paying attention

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