Twitter is the what are you doing killer app. for Web 2.0. Say it in 140 characters or less and create your own following.

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18 Replies to “Twitter”

  1. I need help. Cannot log on to account on Twitter. Password doesn’t work, backup code doesn’t work. Nothing works. The automated message as to how to change password and other relevant information is of no use to me. i do not use an app I use my lap top, I cannot get close enough to even deactivate my account.

  2. That also happened to me. I was signing up for the first time ever, and my account was suspended as per

    a pop-up at the top of the page. Who do I discuss this with? Where do I call? Please help. I need a phone

    number and/or eMail to contact someone in Twitter to straighten this mess out. Also, there was a password

    assigned to me that I know nothing about. I changed the password; however, the suspend notice appeared

    just after I changed the strange password that was on my account. Could there be a glitch in your software,

    because everything reference my pending account is mixed up. Thank you. May 16, 2016

  3. cillations of freedom of speech banning people all over the place people hav e the right to fight for freedom of rights and freedom of speach and the phone service to fix the account stinks they take one side to suspened rather hten both sides what what kind of service is this?

  4. When I login to my account using the iphone or user name with a password. The login verification code is sent to my iphone automatically but when I checked my cellphone there was no login verification code message. Please advise how to resolve my problem.

  5. Yeah….Hi. I’m just trying to find out how to get a hold of the customer service line or department to ask questions before i join or sign up.

  6. Dear Twitter,

    Why did Twitter suspend my account: = @PatrickCulinane – when I did NOTHING wrong?

    I am a Common Law Lawyer and I had 70k followers. Twitter claim that I was aggressively following people and I was ‘BLOCKED’ by followers. How many People ‘BLOCKED’ me please? – And how many followers does it take, BLOCKING an account, until that account is suspended by Twitter? – Is it the same number for everyone?

    I have been unfairly treated by Twitter, as my work is educational and I have always been very careful to use material that has already been published elsewhere.

    How can I say sorry for something that I am NOT guilty of?

    Please investigate this properly, as I have been WRONGED, and get back to me.

    Naturally, I am very disappointed with Twitter.

    yours truthfully,

    Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer: = Magna Carta 1215

  7. My son’s account got hacked and is being used, his login doesn’t work, email doesn’t work, there is no way to change any of this. I would like to just have it deactivated or something. What to do?

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